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April 9, 2012

Alan Anderson: Historic tidbits — July-December 1943

AMERICUS — July 3, 1943:  Graham Aviation employees list (see also, T-R 7-6-43)

July 8, 1943:  “Mr. and Mrs. Olin Speer, and Mr. and Mrs. Oswald Speer and daughter, of Winter Haven, Fla., are visiting Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Rushin and other relatives here.”

July 9, 1943: “Mr. and Mrs. George Cobb, of Coral Gables, Fla., are guests of Mrs. Rufus Mathews, coming up to bring their daughter, Joy, this far enroute to Alpine Lodge camp, Mentone, Ala., where she will spend several weeks.”

July 10, 1943: “Olin Rushin, U.S.N. machinist mate, who has been stationed in the Canal Zone, is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Rushin on the South Lee street road. He will be here for about two weeks.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Durham announce the birth of a daughter, Virginia Lee, Tuesday, July 13, at city hospital.”

July 20, 1943: “Lt. R.A. Robinson, who has been visiting his wife, and mother, Mrs. Ethel Robinson, has returned to Clairborne, La.”; “Mrs. Ethel Robinson has returned from Milledgeville, where she attended summer school at G.S.W.C. and Chattanooga, where she visited her daughter, Mrs. Morgan Smith.”

July 22, 1943: Bob Bass, Beth Bass, et. al., guests at Helen Blackmon's fifth birthday party July 21st

Aug. 5, 1943: “Hugh Rushin and Judson Rushin, both storekeepers 3rd class in the Navy and stationed at Camp Endicott, R.I., arrived home at noon Wednesday, to spend a ten-days furlough.”; “BIRTHS - Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Rushin announce the birth of a daughter on Wednesday, Aug. 4, at the Prather Clinic, who has been named Saranne. The baby weighed six and one half pounds. Mrs. Rushin is the former Miss Nancy Ruth Moon. The father is in the United States Navy and is a storekeeper 3rd class stationed at Camp Endicott, R.I.”; TCN – “Mrs. Cecil Lumpkin, of Sumter county, announces the marriage of her daughter, Mary Lucy, to Mr. George Yeomans Jr., the wedding being solemnized on July 1, Judge Robert Hawkins officiating. Mr. and Mrs. Yeomans are at home to friends on Prince Street.”

Aug. 10, 1943: “Dr. and Mrs. Schley Gatewood announce the birth of a son, August 6, at city hospital, who has been given the name Thomas Schley Jr.”

Aug. 17, 1943: Bob Bass, Beth Bass, et. al., guests at Ginger Methvin's second birthday party Aug. 13th

Aug. 18, 1943: “Bobby Snider, of Atlanta, is visiting his grandmother, Mrs. O.S. Bass Sr., and other relatives.”

Aug. 19, 1943: TCN - T.F. Robbins, et. al., pallbearers at funeral of Cloyd Buchanan, died Aug. 16th, age 51

Aug. 20, 1943: “Mr. and Mrs. Wonzie Barefield announce the birth of a son, Tuesday, August 17, at Prather Clinic.”

Aug. 25, 1943: “Leslie News - Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Speer and daughter from Pahokee, Fla., are here spending some time with Mr. Speer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.L. Speer.”

Aug. 26, 1943: “Mrs. J.L. Snider and daughters, Cynthia and Angela, of Atlanta, are visiting her mother, Mrs. O.S. Bass.”; “HOSPITAL NOTES - Theo Bass Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Theo Bass, of Savannah, who underwent a tonsillectomy yesterday at city hospital, has been removed to the home of his aunt, Mrs. Pope.” TCN - obituary of John J. Griffin, brother-in-law of Bessie Cobb Griffin, died in Jacksonville, Fla., buried Aug. 21st in Selma, Ala., age 60; “Mrs. Ethel Robinson has as her guests Mrs. Morgan Smith, of Chattanooga, and Mrs. Stanley Greene, of Ellaville.”

Sept. 2, 1943: “Lt. and Mrs. James Wolfe announce the birth of a son, Thursday, September 2, at city hospital. Mrs. Wolfe is the former Miss Eleanor Fletcher.”

Sept. 3, 1943: “Miss Anne Giddings, of Macon, will arrive today to spend a week with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C.F. Giddings. Miss Betty Jane Frazier, who will accompany her here, will be her guest for the weekend.”

Sept. 6, 1943: “Mr. and Mrs. Willis Shiver announce the birth of a daughter, Sunday, September 5, at city hospital, who has been given the name LeNoir, for her mother, the former LeNoir Webb, of Leslie.”

Sept. 7, 1943: Bob Bass, Beth Bass, et. al., guests at Linda Johnson's second birthday party Sept. 4th

Sept. 9, 1943: “Mrs. Mary Speer Joiner and Miss Cornelia Morgan, of Vienna, have gone to Goldsboro, N.C., to visit Pfc. King Speer, who is stationed there.”; “Mrs. Judson Strong has returned from Tampa, Fla., where she visited Pfc. Strong, who is stationed at MacDill Field and Orlando, Fla., where she went to see Mr. Strong's mother.”; “Miss Martha Speer will leave tomorrow for Miami to visit friends.”; “Sgt. And Mrs. Fred E. Waitsman announce the birth of a 7 pound daughter, Tuesday, September 7, at Crawford W. Long Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. Sgt. Waitsman, a former Americus resident, is stationed at Fort McPherson. The baby is the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Saul Waitsman, of this city.”

Sept. 16, 1943: TCN - photograph of GSC administration building.; “PRATHER CLINIC - Mrs. Annie Speer is a medical patient ... ”

Sept. 20, 1943: “Mr. and Mrs. Sam Heys Jr., of Athens, announce the birth of an 8 pound, 9 ounce daughter, Monday, September 20, at an Athens hospital. The baby has been named Ruba Elizabeth for her mother, the former Miss Ruba Gammage, of this city.”

Sept. 25, 1943: “Mr. and Mrs. George Worthy and daughter, Emily, and her mother, Mrs. O.S. Bass and Betty Bass have moved from 132 Taylor street to 513 Barlow street.”

Sept. 30, 1943: Bob Bass, Beth Bass, et. al., guests at Edwin Womack Jr's. third birthday party Sept. 29th

Oct. 4, 1943: “Mr. and Mrs. H.H. (Buddy) Lister announce the birth of a daughter, Thursday, September 30, at city hospital, who has been named Joyce Marie.”

Oct. 18, 1943: “At a quiet but impressive ceremony held at the country home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Dominick, near Plains, Sunday afternoon October 17, at 4:30 o’clock, Miss Abbie Dominick became the bride of Charles M. Hale … Mr. Hale is the only son of Mrs. C.M. Hale and the late Mr. Hale, who was principal of Americus high school for several years. His sisters are Misses Laura May and Barbara Hale and he is the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Ansley, prominent Americus residents. The bridegroom was graduated from Americus high school and Georgia Southwestern college. For several years he was employed as engineer of the City Water Works, but is now employed in army work as chief operating engineer of the 4th Service Command for the Southeastern states with headquarters at Atlanta … ”; “BIRTHS - Lt. and Mrs. Richard A. Robinson announce the birth of a 7 1/2 pound daughter, Saturday, October 16, at city hospital, who has been named Richard Agnes. Mrs. Robinson is the former Miss Agnes Mitchell. Lt. Robinson is serving with the armed forces in the Southwest Pacific.”

Oct. 19,1943: “Coleman Speer, who has been ill in the army hospital at Camp Shanks, N.Y., is better and is able to be out. He will celebrate his birthday, Sunday [Oct. 24th] ... ”

Oct. 23, 1943: “Enlisting cordial interest is the marriage of Miss Martha Speer of Columbus and Americus to Euland O’Steen, 2-c Petty Officer of the U.S. Navy, formerly of Meigs … October 15, in Chicago, Ill … Mrs. O’Steen is the younger daughter of Mrs. Mary Speer Joiner and the late Mr. Russell Speer. She is a graduate of Americus high school, Georgia Southwestern college and Deignan Business School in Columbus. During the past year she has held a position with the Armour Company in Columbus … ”

Oct. 30, 1943: “Lawrence Purvis, of the U.S. Marine Corps, who is stationed in the South Pacific area, has been promoted to the rank of sergeant. Word was received from him by his mother, Mrs. E.M. Purvis, of this city.”

Nov. 4, 1943: TCN - obituary of Miss Virginia Gunn, died Nov. 2nd, and buried at Blanding, Fla.

Nov. 9, 1943: “Mr. and Mrs. A.J. (Seph) Buchanan announce the birth of a daughter, Sunday, November 7, at Prather Clinic, who has been given the name Alice Pauline. Mrs. Buchanan is the former Miss Alice Wheeler.”

Nov. 11, 1943: “Famous Band To Play At Negro Bond Rally Here - The largest bond rally ever held by the Negroes of South Georgia is planned for … when the 58 piece Tuskegee Army Air Base band comes to Americus for a concert … following committees were appointed: J.B. Dorsey, general chairman (1) steering committee. J.B. Dorsey, F.M. Staley, Sadie Bryant, E.J. Hill, Charlie Brown, W.R. Burleigh, J.L. Barnum, Jury Clark, and Tom Brown. (2) Program committee - F.M. Staley, St. Clair Holloman, Lucas Bouie, Frank M. Harvey, J.E. Brown, Rosalyn Purdy, Thelma Seay, Reed Hosten, and Oscar Bell. (3) Entertainment committee: Mabel Barnum, chairman, Barbara Battle, Henry Harris, cochairmen … (4) Parade committee - Charlie Brown, chairman, John Dowell, Emmy Williams … (5) Finance committee - W.R. Burleigh, chairman … (6) Decorating committee - Prof. J.C. Ruse, chairman, Rosalyn Purdy, Leroy Miles, Grant Womack, Charles Dozier and Jury Clark.”; “John Ed Lumpkin, 62, died at his home on the Bumphead road, yesterday afternoon at 2:15 o’clock, after an illness of several years … Mr. Lumpkin is survived by his wife, Mrs. Cecil Ballard Lumpkin, three sons, John Paul Lumpkin, of Charlotte, W.B. Lumpkin, of Macon and H.C. Lumpkin, of Homestead, Fla.; three daughters, Mrs. A.E. Robinson, of Atlanta, Miss Mary Yeomans and Miss Jewel Ballard, of Americus; two brothers, H.L. Lumpkin, of Mauk, Ga., and E.J. Lumpkin, of Cuthbert and one sister, Mrs. W.A. Daugherty, of Americus … ”; TCN – “ROSWELL ARMY AIR FIELD, Roswell, N.M. - Second Lieutenant William E. Hardy is learning to fly the big “Flying Fortress” at this field as a student ... He received his pilot wings recently ... The lieutenant is the son of Mrs. W.H. Hardy, 528 Jackson, Americus.”

Nov. 19, 1943:  “NEGRO RALLY GREAT EVENT - $5,000 In War Bonds Purchased - Thousands of Sumter county negroes flocked to Americus … for the Harvest War Bond and Stamp Rally … municipal ball park was jammed for the concert by the Tuskegee Army Air Force band … entertainment committee headed by Mabel Barnum and Henry Harris . It was acclaimed by Lt. Frank Doyle as the best ever served his organization. Under the direction of Charlie Brown, the parade was a great success … The program started … with “America”, which was led by Frankie Harvey. Scripture was read by Rev. G.A. Roberts, pastor of Campbell A.M.E. Church … invocation … by Rev. Mack Anthony, pastor of the First Methodist Church … remarks were made by Honorable H.O. Jones, mayor of the city, H.W. Moon, vice-commander … Georgia American Legion; J.T. Warren, chairman Sumter County War Savings committee and T.M. Campbell, Jury Clarke and Lieut. Frank Doyle … pronouncement of benediction by Rev. Tom Broner … ”

Dec. 2, 1943:  “Charles Lingo ... today called attention to the fact that Sumter county was founded 111 years ago today [sic] ... Avery Wheeler, one of the seven pioneers who founded Sumter county, was a great grandfather of Mr. Lingo ... ” TCN - photograph of Marjorie Hollister

Dec. 3, 1943: “Mr. and Mrs. George O. Yeomans Jr., have moved from 327 South Lee street to 513 Elm avenue.”

Dec. 4, 1943: “Mrs. Judson Strong and baby, of Perry, are visiting her mother, Mrs. Mary Speer Joiner. Cpl. Strong is stationed at Warner Robins Depot.”

Dec. 6, 1943: “Capt. And Mrs. E.A. Eschmann Jr., of Gainesville, Fla., announce the birth of a daughter, Saturday, December 4, who has been given the name Mildred for her paternal grandmother. Mrs. Eschmann is the former Miss Clarabelle Hooks of Americus and Griffin.”

Dec. 8, 1943: “Cpl. Judson Strong, of Warner Robins, has arrived to join his wife and baby on a visit to her mother, Mrs. Mary Speer Joiner.”

Dec. 9, 1943: Mrs. Ethel Lindley, et. al., guests at Mrs. Anna M. Kendrick's 86th birthday party Dec. 8th

Dec. 10, 1943: Americus and Sumter County Real Estate Board organized, Milton Mize, president, R.C. Moran, secretary, Charles H. Wheatley, O.C. Law, Mrs. Herbert Hawkins, directors; “Aleck Speer, of the U.S. Navy, is visiting relatives here.”

Dec. 13, 1943: Bob Bass, Beth Bass, et. al., guests at Clinelle Morrell's fifth birthday party Dec. 11th

Dec. 15, 1943: “Mrs. W.W. Daniel, of Kenosha, Wis., and her children, Dorothy, Sally and Billy, are spending the holidays with her mother, Mrs. O.S. Bass Sr., Barlow street.”; “Leslie News - Mr. H.L. Speer has been ill with a cold for several days.”

Alan Anderson, archivist of the Sumter Historic Trust, lives and works in Americus.

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