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March 12, 2012

Alan Anderson: Historic tidbits — July-December 1942


July 7, 1942: “Mr. and Mrs. George S. Cobb, of Miami, Fla., are visiting Mr. and Mrs. G.S. Cobb Sr. Their daughter, Miss Joy Cobb, who is at camp in Alabama, will join them here later.”; “Mr. and Mrs. Judson Rushin, Miss Hazel Joiner, and Loyce Millwood left Sunday for Chattanooga, and other points of interest in Tennessee for several days.”

July 8, 1942: “Olin Rushin, of the U.S. Navy at Norfolk, is spending a ten day leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Rushin.”

July 9, 1942: obituary of James Carroll Speer; TCN - history of Gyles-Andrews Furniture Company

July 10, 1942: Spud Bass, et. al., guests at Ernest Statham III's ninth birthday party July 9th

July 11, 1942: “Will Connor Sullivan of the U.S. Army, stationed at Fort Jackson, S.C., is spending a few days furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will Sullivan.”; “Mrs. C.M. Blanton and little daughter, Carol, of Waycross, were called here because of the death of her father, J.C. Speer.”

July 13, 1942: “CARD OF THANKS - We wish to express our sincere appreciation for the many expressions of sympathy extended us in our recent bereavement. Mrs. J.C. Speer.  Mrs. C.M. Blanton. Aleck Speer.”

July 14, 1942: “Mr. and Mrs. Everett Schneider, of Greenville, S.C., and Mr. and Mrs. Claude Johnson, of Winston Salem, N.C., arrived today to be the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Mayes and Mrs. Ethel Lindley at their home on the corner of Bell ... and Hancock ...”

July 15, 1942: “Former Americus Couple Have Four Sons In Service - … ”

July 16, 1942: TCN – “FORMER RESIDENTS VISITING HERE - W.C. Sullivan and his daughter, Mrs. Warren Waller, the former Miss Elise Sullivan, who resided in Americus for many years, but who now make their home in Tampa, Fla., are visiting relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan have four sons, Frank, Charles, Carr and Harry and all of them are now in the service of the United States.  Frank and Harry are in the U.S. Army and Charles and Carr are in the U.S. Navy.  Mr. and Mrs. Waller also have one son in the U.S. Navy.  Their son, James, who reenlisted after six years' service when the Japs bombed Pearl Harbor, is now on an island in the Pacific, about a thousand miles from Hawaii.  His parents heard from him recently after a silence of about three months, and were pleased to learn that he is safe and sound.”;  photograph of TCN publisher Ernest L. Gammage; “Olin Rushin, now in training in the U.S. Navy yard at Norfolk, left Tuesday for Norfolk, after a visit with relatives here.”; obituary of James Carroll Speer

July 17, 1942: “Lonnie Purvis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Purvis, Barlow street, who was reported missing has been located and is out at sea.  Lonnie is with the U.S. Marine Corps and received his training and was stationed until recently at New River, N.C. His parents received a letter today which was dated June 13.”

July 18, 1942: “Campbell Chapel A.M.E. Church Has Vacation School – Approximately 100 colored children attended the Bible School … July 5 … through Friday, July 17 … under … direction of Janie Dunning, was composed of:  Beginners, Aribel Roberts, Clerious Culverton, Annie Thomas, Frankie Harvey; Primaries, Martha Harris, Lizzie Kitchen, Mozelle Curry, Mary E. Perry. Intermediates, Lillie Wilson, Lila B. May, Raymond Williams, Junior, Janie Dunning.”; “It was erroneously reported in this column Friday that Lonnie Purvis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Purvis ... had been reported missing.  He had not been reported missing, but had not been heard from for some time, due to the fact that he was at sea.  His parents received a letter from him Friday.”

July 23, 1942: TCN - photograph of Capt. Thomas D. Warren; photograph of Capt. Charles E. Davis

July 27, 1942: “Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Giddings, of Tampa, Fla., are visiting Mr. and Mrs. C.F. Giddings, Church ... ”

July 30, 1942: “George C. Griffin, grandson of Mrs. C.M. Cobb of 909 E. Jefferson St., has been promoted from sergeant to staff sergeant in the Army Air Forces ... He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Griffin of Jacksonville ... ”

July 31, 1942: “Mrs. Charles Ansley is confined to her home on Church street because of illness.”

Aug. 3, 1942: “Mr. and Mrs. George Worthy have moved from Columbus back to Americus and are residing at 132 Taylor street.  Mrs. O.S. Bass and daughter, Betty, who have been living at 129 Taylor ... , have moved in the house with them at 132 Taylor.”

Aug. 6, 1942: TCN - photograph of Lt. Samuel G. DeLoach; photograph of Lt. Wade A. Watson Jr.

Aug. 7, 1942: fifth selective service registration list, for 18-20 year olds:  #'s N1-N112; “Lawrence (Lonny) Purvis, son of Mr. and Mrs. E.M. Purvis, of Americus, is safe and well in New Zealand according to word received here by relatives. Purvis is in the U.S. Marine Corps.”

Aug. 10, 1942: draft registrants:  #'s N113-N218; “Leslie News - Mr. H.L. Speer is out of town this week visiting relatives at Dahlonega.”

Aug. 11, 1942: draft registrants:  #'s N219-N353, “N290 - Claud Speer Born July,1923”

Aug. 12, 1942: draft registrants:  #'s N354-N475: “Mrs. Judson Strong of Columbus is the guest of her mother, Mrs. Mary Speer Joiner, McGarrah street.”; “King Speer has returned to Atlanta after spending the weekend with his mother, Mrs. Mary Speer Joiner. King is attending the N.Y.A. school, taking a course in electrical welding.”; “Miss Martha Speer is spending her vacation with her brother, Charles Speer in Savannah.”

Aug. 13, 1942: draft registrants:  #'s N476-N511 TCN – “Friends of Mrs. Charles Ansley will regret to hear that she is confined to her bed.”; “Miss Carrie Speer has returned from a visit to friends in Atlanta.”

Aug. 15, 1942: “PFC Will C. Sullivan III, who has been stationed at Fort Jackson, S.C., has been transferred and his address is ASN 34088277, Troop B, 102nd Cavalry (Mech.) A.P.O.”

Aug. 19, 1942: “Mrs. George S. Cobb went to Atlanta yesterday to meet her daughter, Miss Joy Cobb, who has been in camp at Alpine Lodge, Mentone, Ala. They will come to Americus today for a visit with Mrs. Callie M. Cobb before going on to their home in Miami, Fla.”

Aug. 20, 1942: “Charles Hale superintendent of the Water Works, Robins Field, Wellston, has returned to Macon after a visit to his mother, Mrs. C.M. Hale.”

Aug. 21, 1942: “Jimmie Bass has returned from Biloxi, Miss., where he attended the annual meeting of the Torch club, composed of the best producers among the 600 agents of Liberty National Life Insurance Company.  Mr. Bass won the trip for his good work.”

Aug. 25, 1942: “Miss Betty Bass is expected to return home Wednesday from Savannah, where she spent three months [sic] with her brother, H.T. Bass and family.”

Aug. 26, 1942: “Miss Ruth Speer and Miss Martha Ann Smith have returned to their homes in Atlanta after a visit with the former's sister, Mrs. P.I. Dixon and Mr. Dixon at their home on Burke street.”

Aug. 27, 1942: TCN – “Wilbur Giddings, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Giddings, spent the weekend in Americus with his parents.  Mr. and Mrs. Giddings and their three children are now making their home in Macon, he having for some time held the position of supervisor of painting at Cochran Field, 11 miles southeast of Macon.  He states he is responsible for the general appearance of both interior and exterior of the buildings, the color schemes, etc. This former Americus man states that he and his family find living in Macon very pleasant; that he has become identified with the Second Street Methodist church and has recently been elected a steward of that church.”

Aug. 31, 1942: J.W. Cobb, et. al., pallbearers at funeral of Dudley A. Castleberry, died Aug. 26th, age 71

Sept. 2, 1942: Betty Bass and Spud Bass Jr. entertained Bob Bass, Beth Bass, Emily Worthy, et. al., guests at Dennis Arnold Durham Jr's. birthday party Aug. 31st

Sept. 3, 1942: TCN - photograph of Capt. G.W. Bagley; J.W. Cobb, Rufus Mathews, et. al., pallbearers at funeral of D.A. Castleberry, died in El Paso, Tex., brother of Mrs. Callie M. Cobb; photograph of Virginia Pearl Methvin; Special Historical Edition:  Leslie history; J.E. Mathis' city schools history, with his photograph; photograph and biography of Miss Rebecca Cowles; photograph and biography of Miss Ella Lester; photograph and biography of Mrs. M.T. Elam; Lott Warren's account of Rock Hill Academy; First Methodist Church history, with photographs; Mrs. Ernest Coker's Cut-Off Community history; Mrs. W.H. Estes' Americus Presbyterian Church history; photograph and biography of J.T. Warren; reprint of Aug. 1869 Americus history; 1854 obituary of Rev. Joshua Hames; Mrs. Emma Patterson Morgan's “Reminiscences”; Artesian Well history; photograph of Toole, McGarrah & Tondee warehouse on Cotton; Rev. T.E. Davenport's post-Civil War school days; 1869 business directory; Charles Lingo's account of Americus' first church; Estelle Cocke's Andersonville history; biography of Mrs. Florence Davenport Hollis; photograph of Mrs. Sidney S. Sullivan; Plains history; photograph of antebellum courthouse; Mrs. F.H. Scarborough's DeSoto history; photograph of volunteer fire companies; Turpin-Burkhalter house history

Sept. 7, 1942: Bob Bass, Beth Bass, et. al., guests at Jimmie Horne's third birthday party Sept. 5th

Sept. 10, 1942: TCN - photograph of GSW campus; photograph of Coca-Cola Bottling Co.

Sept. 11, 1942: Bob Bass, Beth Bass, et. al., guests at Ross Chambliss Jr's. fourth birthday party Sept. 10th

Sept. 14, 1942: marriage of Vivian Sullivan and John B. Crowley, Sept. 13th at her parents' home; “Will Connor Sullivan III, of Fort Jackson, S.C., is spending several days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will Sullivan.”

Sept. 16,1942: “Construction will be started ... next few days on several ... houses ... by Americus Builders, Inc. ... first ... will be built on ... west side of Barlow ... Barlow street was extended ... several months ago.”

Sept. 17, 1942: TCN - photograph and account of Boy Scouts Hugh Henderson, Bill O'Hara, Frank Pruitt and Billy Entrekin and their rescue of family lost in Muckalee Swamp; photograph of William McNeely; “ELLAVILLE - Mrs. Troy Morrow was elected librarian ... to supplant Mrs. J.H. Robinson who resigned last week to become a member of the local rationing board.”

Sept. 18, 1942: “Staff Sergeant R.A. Robinson, son of Mrs. Ethel Robinson, has graduated from the officers' candidate school at Fort Belvoir, Va., and received a commission as second lieutenant as combat engineer. He has been assigned to further study at Fort Belvoir.”

Sept. 21, 1942: “Mr. and Mrs. E.M. Purvis have received a letter from their son, Lonnie, who is in the U.S. Marines, saying that he is at Guadalcanal and that he is still O.K. and not to worry about him.”

Sept. 22, 1942: “Mr. and Mrs. H.G. Brooks Jr. and Miss Dorothy Purvis, of Columbus, spent the weekend with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.E. Purvis.; “G.C. Purvis is confined to his home on the Albany road because of illness.”; “Charles Hale has returned to Wellston after spending the weekend with his mother, Mrs. C.M. Hale.”

Sept. 30, 1942: “Mrs. C.M. Hale remains ill at her home ... where she has been confined for the past ten days.”

Oct. 1, 1942: “Aleck Speer, of the U.S. Navy, Norfolk, Va., is visiting his mother, Mrs. J.C. Speer.” TCN – “HOSPITAL NOTES - Miss Lillian Purvis, of Ellaville, is a surgical patient at Prather clinic.”

Oct. 3, 1942: “Miss Laura May Hale is ill at her home on Church street.”

Oct. 5, 1942: “Mrs. Olga Dermer Nall, 33, wife of Lt. Commander Vance Nall, former Americus resident, died early Sunday [Oct. 4th] ... Her husband is a son of Mrs. J.A. Nall, a pioneer resident of Americus ... ”

Oct. 6, 1942: “ … foundations have been poured for 10 new houses ... Hill and Barlow, 9 on Barlow with 70ft front, 3 on Hill with 75 ft front … ”

Oct. 8, 1942: TCN – “PRATHER CLINIC NOTES - Mrs. John Rushin is improving ... ”;  “Dennis A. Durham purchased a house and lot on Felder street for $3,500.  The seller was Raymond Parsons.”; Lloyd Kirby Carter bought 1017 Hancock, for $5,000, from R.S. Broadhurst

Oct. 9, 1942: “Mrs. C.M. Blanton and little daughter, Carol, have returned to their home in Waycross after a visit with her mother, Mrs. J.C. Speer.”; “Aleck Speer of the U.S.N.R., Norfolk, has returned after spending a few days leave with his mother, Mrs. J.C. Speer.”

Oct. 14, 1942: “Mrs. John B. Crowley, the former Miss Vivian Sullivan, has gone to Fayetteville, N.C., to join her husband, who is stationed at Fort Bragg.”; “Mr. and Mrs. Will Sullivan have received word from their son, Will, that he has landed safely “overseas”. His address is Private First Class Will C. Sullivan, Troop B, 102nd Cavalry, A.P.O. 813, in care of Postmaster, New York City.”

Oct. 20, 1942: photograph of Henry G. Stanfield, Americus veteran of the Spanish-American War

Oct. 29,1942: “Barbara Hale is ill at her home on Church ... “; “Charles Hale ... has returned to Macon, after spending Tuesday with his mother, Mrs. C.M. Hale.”

Oct. 31, 1942: “BIRTHS - Mr. and Mrs. Judson Strong announce the birth of a daughter, Wednesday, October 28, at city hospital.  Mrs. Strong is the former Miss Mary Vi Speer.”

Nov. 5, 1942: “Espy Daniel has returned to his home in Dallas, Texas, after a visit with relatives here.”

Nov. 12, 1942: TCN – “James Griffin, student at Marion Institute, was the recent guest of his grandmother, Mrs. Callie M. Cobb.”

Nov. 13, 1942: Americus Lions Club organized, Dr. Elmo Davis, president, Claude B. Lane, first vice-president, J.C. Mercer, second vice-president, C. Fred Comer, secretary, W.T. Kenmore, treasurer; “PFC Lawrence E. Purvis, of the U.S. Marines, who has been at Guadalcanal for the past three months, wrote home that “… there were a few Japs there, but they met with an accident.”  He also stated that his letter was written with Japanese ink.”

Nov. 16, 1942: “Master Sgt. George C. Griffin visited his grandmother, Mrs. Callie M. Cobb, Saturday, enroute to Gowen Field, Boise, Idaho, from a visit in Jacksonville.”

Nov. 19, 1942: TCN - Sumter County draftees list: Emmet Coleman Speer et. al.; $2,500 remodeling for Baptist Parsonage on Taylor, donated by Mrs. J.P. Cato, W.C. Turner, contractor

Dec. 1, 1942: “Lieutenant R.A. Robinson, and Mrs. Robinson, are visiting friends and relatives here. Lt. Robinson has been transferred from Peoria, Illinois to Alexandria, Louisiana.”

Dec. 10, 1942: TCN - St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church got its first-ever resident priest, Father Godfrey A. Weitekamp

Dec. 18, 1942: “Mrs. D.A. Castleberry, of El Paso, Texas, is visiting Mrs. Callie M. Cobb.”

Dec. 19, 1942: “Aleck W. Speer, Seaman First Class, of the U.S.N.R. stationed on the U.S.S. Kilauea is spending a seven-day leave with his mother, Mrs. J.C. Speer at 623 E. Church street.”

Dec. 21, 1942: “Mrs. C.M. Blanton and daughter, Carol, and Mrs. W.J. Parker have returned to their homes in Waycross after spending the weekend with the former's mother, Mrs. J.C. Speer.”

Dec. 22,1942:  “Coleman Speer, who was recently inducted into the army is stationed at Fort Slocum, N.Y. His address is:  Pvt. Ernest C. Speer, Cas. Det. O.S.A., Bldg. 58, Sec. 26, Fort Slocum, N.Y.”

Dec. 28, 1942: “Miss Anne Giddings, of Macon, is spending the holidays with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C.F. Giddings.”

Alan Anderson, archivist of the Sumter Historic Trust, lives and works in Americus.

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