Americus Times-Recorder, Americus, Georgia


April 7, 2012

Your Opinion: April 8, 2012

AMERICUS — King doesn’t get it

As a taxpayer in Sumter County I am always interested in seeing my tax dollars at work. And yours! Do elected and appointed officials use our limited dollars wisely, or frivolously? I had the opportunity to observe a brief hearing at the courthouse today where the frivolity spoke volumes. Our funds are being wasted by an Albany attorney hired by the Sumter County School Board. Although Mr Maurice King was representing the School Board, both the presiding judge and the District Attorney made it clear at the outset that the hearing was NOT related to school issues but rather to issues of grand jury secrecy. Mr King clearly did not get it. He requested that the judge recuse himself - adding billable hours to his fees - he attempted to declare that this was a school board issue - and he tried to define community meetings of concerned citizens (on school issues) as 'political rallies'. In the end, the hearing was very brief as the judge was open to reassigning the case. At the same time it was abundantly clear that Mr King is a political animal himself, not interested in serving citizens of this county, but interested in his own ego and his growing purse. A sad state of affairs - requiring all of us to dig deeper to pay for poor service. Will the board be held accountable for this hiring decision? I hope so.

David Minich


Do community a favor

As I sit here in my home, I find myself going to read the articles of Americus Sumter Observer. I have never ever seen anything more bigoted, than that so called newspaper. The BOE issue isn't about black or white, it's about right and wrong period. While, the "black" board members (as they are called by the Observer), have the majority vote, they are abusing that power. And to me, not for the better. The Observer repeatedly attacks the "whites"( as again they are called by the observer), in a way that should get them sued for libel and slander. I grew up in Americus. My father who was the high school football coach for over 20 years taught all of us at that school not to see race, but to see the person within. To put it bluntly, all I see from the BOE, and the Observer is nothing more that racial overtones that is breaking a community apart. I think the BOE, is making up for lost time. Closed door hush hush meetings, and votes. It's ridiculous. Every single one of them should be fired simply because they are racist, and ignorant, and could care less about the children in their school system. They are not doing anything to help the children of the community, they are helping themselves. And then, I read the article from Eddie Rhea Walker. Who was a teacher of mine. And one of the best I ever had. she Said the community was going back to the pre-1950's. That Mrs. Walker is the BOE's and the Observer's doing. Plain and simple. And by the way, if Americus was so bad, why did you teach in the system all those years? Have you asked yourself that? It seems to me that if the BOE would stop doing sneaky underhanded things, and the observer would stop spouting how the "whites" are racists, maybe all this mess could be handled in an intelligent and peaceful way. The only bigoted people I see, are the people at the Observer, and the BOE members. The dog who barks the loudest is the one who is the most guilty is what I was told. Stop blaming others for your stupid mistakes, and own up to them. ALL of you. Your senseless actions are tearing a community apart. And when SACS gets a hold of all of you, you all will no longer have jobs. Why? Because you made it about race.You all have done nothing for the children of your community. All you are teaching the children (which is our future) is nothing but hate for their fellow man. And for that, shame on you! Jimmy Skipper is probably the smartest one of the lot of you. He was smart enough to get out of a burning building before it was turned to ashes. And don't you dare call me a bigot. You can rest assured I am not. Why don't you all do the community a favor, and stop using the race card before someone gets hurt. And pay the money back you owe Mrs. Green. And one more thing, If I was Mike Busman, I would have your bank accounts by the time I was done for what all you at the Observer have y said and done to him. You people are the worst of people, and if you would stop, and look in the mirror, I can guarantee you would not like what you see.


Karen A. Shell

Lithia Springs

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