Pacers Pass Lady ‘Canes In Second Half For A 3-Point Win, 57-54

Published 4:00 pm Sunday, January 18, 2015

AIKEN, S.C. – The Georgia Southwestern women’s basketball team (9-6, PBC 3-5) lost another tough game to the University of South Carolina Aiken (10-7, PBC 6-2), 57-54, Saturday night on the road in the Convocation Center.

Yvonna Dunkley lead the Lady ‘Canes with 14 points including four 3-pointers and 6 rebounds. Tiara Thompson helped GSW with 12 points followed by Emili Russ with 10 points and Shatoria Hudson with 6 points and 10 rebounds.

The Lady ‘Canes started off with a 9-0 lead four minutes in making the first four baskets of the game with Thompson making two lay ups, Ja’Quasha Seslerputting in a 3-pointer and making a lay up. The Pacers put in a basket to put two points on the board and Thompson made a jump shot to make it 11-2. After Aiken made two free throws, Russ put in a lay up, a jump shot and two free throws all in a row to give GSW an eleven point advantage with twelve minutes left.

USC Aiken came back making a lay up, jump shot and two 3-pointers to close the gap by one point with eight minutes to go on the clock. Thompson put in a jump shot and free throw followed by Lockett with a jump shot and Hudson with a lay up to get the lead back by eight. Aiken came back with a jump shot, lay up and a 3-pointer to close the gap again by one point. Kenyona Armstrong put in a lay up for GSW to give the ladies a three point advantage which Aiken quickly closed and tied with a lay up and free throw with two minutes left in the first. Armstrong put in a 3-pointer to take the lead back for the Lady ‘Canes but with a turn over on GSW the Pacers were able to put in their own 3-pointer and a lay up to take the lead. With nineteen seconds left Russ put in a lay up to tie the game going into the second.

The whole second have proved to be a fight to the basket. The Lady ‘Canes lead by one with a free throw by Dunkley but Aiken put in two jump shots to take the lead by three. Dunkley put in another free throw followed by Hudson with a jump shot and Dunkley put in another 3-pointer for GSW to give them the lead back by one point. Sesler put in a lay up to make it a three point lead for the Lady ‘Canes with twelve minutes left but Aiken put in a 3-pointer to tie it up. Dunkley put in two more 3-pointers for GSW for a four point lead but the Pacers had three free throws and a 3-pointer to take the lead with eight minutes to go.

In the last eight minutes Dunkley and Thompson both put in 3-pointers and Russ made a lay up but it just wasn’t enough against USC Aiken’s two point lead plus two lay ups and five free throws.

GSW out rebounded Aiken 40-38 but their 20 turn overs were too much and the Lady ‘Canes lost again by just three points.

The Lady ‘Canes are back at home on Jan. 19 in the Storm Dome at 5:30 p.m.