Your opinion: June 25, 2016

Published 7:00 pm Wednesday, June 29, 2016

To Congressional Delegation
I would like to urge your support of legislation to ban the purchase of guns by those who would do harm to innocent Americans.  This can be done without doing violence to the Second Amendment, which I support. For some of you, it would be a difficult decision to go against party leadership but difficult decisions are the making of statesmen. It seems to me that reasonable gun rights legislation should include the following:
• Rigorous background checks.
• Elimination of all loopholes to background checks.
• Denial of the sale of all firearms to those who fail the background check, or are on a no fly list, or are under FBI investigation, or who have known mental issues.
• A ban on the future sale of assault type weapons, high capacity magazines, etc.
• Those who already own restricted weapons would be allowed to keep them inside their home to protect their family.
• It would be a felony to take restricted weapons outside the home unless there is an official call-to-arms.
• A government buy-back of any restricted weapons that the owner wished to voluntarily surrender.
This is a serious proposal that I hope you will consider seriously, not from a political stand point but from a commonsense stand point.
Robert A. Clay