Southland celebrates 50th day of 50th year

Published 4:30 pm Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Celebrating the 50th school day of the 50th school year at Southland Academy, the Lower School students had a great time. The teachers had different activities throughout the day to include the number 50  such as list 50 nouns for a language lesson or flip a coin 50 times focusing on probability and graphing. Also, the K3 and K4 students dressed as people over 50 while the students in 1-5 grades dressed as students from 50 years ago, 1966-67. Some students enjoyed making their own 50th day t-shirts. One of the highlights of the day started as students, dressed as Southland teachers over age 50, paraded through the morning faculty meeting. Not only did they look like the teachers, they also shared some of the teachers’ most self-defining quotes. At the 50th minute of the 50th day of the 50th year, students stopped and celebrated with 50 exercises. Southland Academy is proud of its past 50 years and most excited about the years to come. Shown here is fifth grader Perry Bennett dressed as Billy Stubbs, high school algebra III teacher.