Your opinion: Nov. 12, 2016

Published 6:30 pm Monday, November 14, 2016

Search for, rescue of Lee Windham
On September 4th, at approximately 4PM, Lee Windham was reported missing. He is a 75 year old man with Alzheimer’s and heart problems. His wife had been searching for 4 hours when she realized she needed help and called someone. Mr. Windham’s three sons, their families, friends, and search & rescue volunteers immediately responded and began searching woods, fields, streams, and ponds for him. That evening an infrared equipped helicopter searched until midnight. Officials suspended the search until tracking dogs could be brought in at 8AM the next morning.
After a long, restless night, his family was ready for the search to resume. At approximately 8AM, September 5th people began arriving for the search. People came from Macon County, Schley County, Taylor County, Sumter County, Houston County, Peach County, and Phenix City, AL. Searchers on foot were joined by those on ATVs, on horseback, in infrared equipped helicopters, and with search and rescue dogs. People remained positive and supportive for the family, a vital force that enabled them to endure the long search. People came by throughout the day delivering food, beverages, and encouragement. At approximately 5PM, Mr. Windham was found severely dehydrated but alive! His physical health is returning, and the family is so thankful for a good outcome.
Mr. Lee Windham’s family is grateful to live in a community that demonstrates the value of life through the many acts of kindness, generosity, and compassion shown to them. It is also reassuring to know that neighboring counties are capable and willing to respond during times of need without hesitation.
On behalf of the Windham family, Thank You!
Andy Windham

Sumter County has hurt the other three with McGowan
Wow! Sumter County has shot themselves in the foot and wounded three other counties in the GA House District 138. In a flap demagogued by Bill McGowan over Amendment 1 on the recent election ballot, Sumter County defeated Mike Cheokas who brought $millions in State money into our district. Too bad for us, as we just traded a Representative who chaired a House Committee and vice-Chaired a couple others for a Representative who will be lucky to even gain a seat on any important committee in the legislature.
Why was this done? Because Mr. McGowan was able to scare the people of Sumter County into believing that the ‘evil’ State Government (which supplies a great deal of the money with which local schools operate) was going to take over the local schools that underperformed for several years running. Sumter County must need to worry about this because of the condition of their schools? (The State has been on the verge of taking over the Sumter Schools because of rancor on the part of a fractious School Board and underperformance of the schools in many areas). The other counties in House District 138 do not have such challenges. For the record, I voted against Amendment 1 which every voter in the State had the opportunity to do.
I personally like Mr. McGowan he is a very nice man and I doubt he will perpetrate any evil in the State Legislature, however there is a real question whether he will be able to do ANYTHING in the State Legislature given the present power structure. He will certainly be unable to bring home benefits from the State Legislature and will have a difficult time doing constituent services at anywhere close to what Mike Cheokas would be able to do. Thanks Sumter County!
Mayor David Theiss