Your opinion: July 15, 2017

Published 1:15 pm Monday, July 17, 2017

Reader wants specifics
Again, it is as if the curtain has been yanked back and all that is there is a little man who is pulling levers and ringing bells. There are a lot of words but no substance as far as my limited intellect can determine. I refer to Mary Beth Bass’ piece that was published by the ATR on July 3, 2017.
Mary Beth Bass cites a need to diversify. She suggests that diversity is sorely lacking in Americus and Sumter County and that correcting that major problem will somehow bring growth and economic riches to everyone. She fails to be specific however. Where precisely is the lack of diversity? What exactly will the end product look like if the visions in her head and heart are realized? What specifically must happen along the way for this utopia of diversity to be achieved?
Mary Beth Bass states that this community has “been a majority minority community.” What does this mean specifically? Does she lay the blame for the multitudinous problems she sees at the feet of the majority minority? Perhaps the minority majority is to blame?
She suggests that there exists a need to “strengthen race relationships across all segments of our community.” Exactly what does that mean? Where exactly do the weaknesses exist and what does she think needs to happen for those areas to be strengthened? Again, a little specificity would be good.
In the end, based on Mary Beth Bass’ numerous posts, it sounds as if she is challenging us to get fully behind a social engineering program with a goal toward a more “progressive” political environment.
Mary Beth Bass asked the question “Is there a reason Atlanta and other metro regions of the state are growing and we in South Georgia are declining in population?” After doing a quick Google search, I learned that Atlanta, that bastion of growth and diversity that she holds up as a model of growth that attracts the young people, is safer than only “Safer than 2% of U.S. Cities”. Specifically, Atlanta, “Atlanta has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes – from the smallest towns to the very largest cities.” (
I am sure that the community organizers and social engineers of that great city would embrace this call to arms for Sumter County and Americus to fight for more diversity, inclusiveness, strengthened race relations, globalization, etc., etc., etc..
I have to ask exactly what is the end goal of this current push by Mary Beth Bass? The best person to answer that question would be Mary Beth Bass. I welcome some specifics please.
Robert Kite