Your opinions: Aug. 19, 2017

Published 11:45 am Monday, August 21, 2017

Schley Courthouse clock restoration, final tribute
I want to commend Nancy McMath Young, President, and all members of the Ellaville-Schley County Historical Society for completing the restoration of the clock tower on the historic Schley County Courthouse. Last week, Whites Clock and Carillon, Inc. of Sharpsburg, GA installed new dial gears, drive shafts and clock hands on the historic Schley Co. Courthouse Clock tower. The restoration of the historic clock is the final tribute that marks the complete restoration of the Schley Co. Courthouse.
A few years before his death, Dr. Harold Holloway donated funds that were matched by the Schley Co. Board of Commissioners to replace the old manual clock drive with a new, modern digital one to make the clock more accurate and efficient. The old clock chime was also replaced with a new electronic one. The recent addition and restoration of all four clock faces on the tower is the “Icing on the Cake” in the preservation of Schley County’s most historic structure.
I remember a few years ago, there was talk that the structure of the courthouse was in such bad shape that it might have to be torn down. Termites and an underground spring were the culprits. As time progressed, the fate of the courthouse and the high costs of restoration led to the construction of a new modular one just down the road. But as Mark Twain said, “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” And so was the exaggeration of the demise of the historic Schley Co. Courthouse.
Thanks to SPLOST funds, the Historic Schley County Courthouse has been torn down to the frame and completely renovated from the basement to the clock tower. The entire building has central heat and air and an elevator was installed making the building completely handicap accessible. Most original offices were enlarged to accommodate more people. The building houses Schley Co. 4H, the Ellaville/Schley Co. Chamber of Commerce, the Ellaville/Schley Co. Historical Society and the Schley Co. Sheriff’s Office. There is even talk of using the old completely restored courtroom again for some hearings. The Historical Society even plans to install irrigation around the flower beds this fall.
The Ellaville/Schley Co. Historical Society will have its major annual fund raiser, an Auction and BBQ on Saturday, October 7, 6:00 PM at the American Legion in Ellaville.  The organization is a 501C3 and all donations are tax deductible. This is an excellent opportunity for everyone to contribute to the restoration and preservation of Ellaville and Schley County.
It is important that we preserve the history of Ellaville and Schley Co. Preservation of the Historic Schley Co. Courthouse has been completed and is the first step. Think about all the local historic homes, churches, businesses and cemeteries in Schley Co. that might disappear forever without your help with preservation and conservation efforts.
John T. Greene, coordinator
Georgia Family Connection, Schley County Collaborative

Kudos for Chief Scott
Chief Scott has been a Godsend.
He came here to Americus just very short time before the tragic events of Dec 7 2016.
The families of Nick and Jody have been more than blessed by his support and love and so has the community of Americus.
He has been the voice of reason when some of us have wanted to lash out; not in hatred but in unbearable pain.
He has put everything aside when any one of the family members asked anything of him.
In Washington DC he was a rock for Janice and Sharron.
He was always easy to find in a crowd, he stands a head taller than most in the crowd.
He not only physically stands taller than most but morally he is on a much higher level.
We love you Chief and are so grateful to God that he had the wisdom to send you our way.
Paul Johnson