Area CNA recognized with State Quality Award

Published 2:31 pm Saturday, December 23, 2017

DAWSON — Lucille Moses, CNA at Dawson Health & Rehabilitation was recently recognized as CNA of the Year at an award ceremony in Brasstown Valley, Georgia. Each year the Georgia Association of Nurses in Long Term Care (GANLTC), an affiliate of Georgia Health Care Association, recognizes a CNA, LPN and RN for their commitment to quality patient care in a skilled nursing center.  This prestigious award is based on several qualifications: how the individual advocates for the patient, demonstrates practices that improve overall quality of care; how they interact with patients on a daily basis in activity programs; their willingness to learn and adapt new methods and concepts on caring for the patient and their overall performance at work.
Moses has worked as a CNA at Dawson Health & Rehabilitation for more than 41 years. Here is what some of her colleagues had to say:
“Lucille is a mentor and inspiration to other staff. As a CNA, she has mentored new nurses and CNA staff for Dawson, displaying confidence and forming a bond with those she teaches how we do things at our center. She knows what the patients like as far as food, how they like it, and how to get them to eat when others may not. She finds time to do little things to help others, still completing her own duties.  Lucille can be seen helping with an activity, or encouraging a new patient to join in a game of bingo. She treats each patient as an individual and practices patient centered care which we follow everyday here at Dawson Health & Rehabilitation,” says Laura Lines, CNHA administrator.
“She is highly reliable and has strong character. She makes a point to get to know our patients well and keeps me informed of any issues or changes in their abilities” says Mattie Blanton, RN, area director of nursing at Dawson.
“Her compassion for wound care patients is essential to the team members but more than that, she is valued by the patients. She is always smiling and her positive attitude is pervasive” Christy Recke, BSN, RN, wound care nurse consultant.
During the award ceremony, Lucille was described as “a person born to be a caregiver, she has a way of making new patients feel comfortable.” After receiving the award Lucille said “I enjoy taking care of patients, it’s my dream job. I love what I do.”