Our opinion: Peace on earth, good will toward men

Published 2:19 pm Saturday, December 23, 2017

As we approach the most holy day in the Christian faith, let us remember just why we celebrate Christmas.
On a starry night, in a land far away, over 2,000 years ago, a child was born who would grow up to walk the land and teach the lessons of love and peace. He looked like us. He talked like us. And His lessons continue to guide us today, when heeded.
Jesus Christ, Son of God, would be sacrificed on the cross to save the souls of all us sinners, those who believe in Him, and give us everlasting life in heaven.
There are still untold numbers of people on Earth who have never even heard the story of the Christ child who would grow into the man who would die to save humankind, be resurrected and dwell in heaven awaiting believers. They live their lives without ever knowing that life can be better on Earth and eternal, if only they believe. Hopefully, they will hear the story and believe some day.
Christmas is a time to give thanks to God for the Christ child’s birth, but it is also a time to remember Jesus’ lessons of loving one another and giving to the poor.
As families across the nation gather to share traditions and celebrations, there are others who struggle for a warm, dry place to sleep and their next meal. There will be children who awake on Christmas morning to nothing, not even breakfast, much less gifts. There are elderly people who sit in their homes alone and lonely because they have no family or none who care. And there are still the homeless among us, even here in Americus. We see them walking the streets and wonder where they sleep, when their last meal might have been, and what brought them to their current circumstances. But how many of us go out of our way to ask?
Giving is far better than receiving, we are told, and deep inside, we know it to be true. Lending a helping hand to someone in need tends to swell the heart of the giver and the receiver. That is worth remembering at Christmastime, and every day during the rest of the year.
Try not to forget — amongst the food, the glittering decorations and the gifts — the real reason for the season.
For what was the logic in Christ’s birth, life, crucifixion and resurrection other than to teach us to treat one another with love and charity?
If everyone would practice this lesson, the world could be a more beautiful and peaceful planet on which to dwell, with enough for everyone.
We hope all our readers have a safe, happy Christmas, and a healthy and prosperous new year.