Your take: April 25, 2018

Published 2:10 pm Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Southland Academy first graders in Peggy Roquemore’s class recently enjoyed reading the story Ira Sleeps Over. Ira is a young boy who has been invited for his first night away from home, and he must decide whether to take his beloved teddy bear with him. The students shared their own teddy bears and sleep time favorites as they read the story. Following the story, they snacked on Teddy Grahams and enjoyed a STEAM activity using Gummy Bears and toothpicks. They also listened to the Legend of the Teddy Bear and viewed a 100th anniversary replica of the original Ted Bear which was fashioned after President Theodore Roosevelt. Class members shown are Alex Deriso, Camilo Sanchez, Anna Beth Brady, Hannah Horn, Haddon Collins, Caitlin Kidd, Addy Harrod, Xander Haynie, Clay Hicks, and Hudson Goodin.