Nancy M. Young: June 27, 2018

Published 10:52 am Friday, June 29, 2018

Maci Lawhorn honored with Joseph Eason Scholarship
The late Joseph Eason of Schley County has been giving scholarships to students for 10 years when they graduate from Schley County High School.
He adored his great-granddaughter, Maci Lawhorn. He always recognized Maci in all of her accomplishments.
Maci graduated from high school this year and received the Joseph and Imogene Eason Scholarship of $1,000.

Ellaville-Schley has a new adult GED teacher
Ellaville-Schley County has a new adult GED teacher, Alanna Goolsby. She will be teaching the adult GED students in the same place downtown beside the City Hall.
Mrs. Goolsby has taught English as a second language and has personally tutored in addition to teaching a regular classroom.
The adult GED classes are free; the only cost is the final test.

Ellaville Lions Club hosts Fishing Rodeo
The Ellaville Lions Club hosted its annual Fishing Rodeo at Bobby Miller’s Pond in Schley County. Thanks to Mr. Miller for letting these children have the opportunity to fish in this special
event each year. Mr. Miller is a member of the Lions Club.
There were 65 children that came to fish in the pond and to be in the Fishing Rodeo and compete for prizes.
A record was made when there were 412 fish caught and the largest fish was caught by Dylan Barnes. The catfish he caught weighed 6 lbs. 6 oz. and larger than two other catfish caught by Preslee Felker weighing 6 lbs. 3 oz. and Jaycee Felker, weighing 6 lbs. 2 oz.
The most fish caught was by Jamieson Gregory who caught 36 fish and won a trophy.
The youngest child to fish in the rodeo was 1-year-old Kallie Barnes, who was presented a fishing rod.
Chad Child is president of the Ellaville Lions Club.
Ellaville Methodist pastor, delegate return from Charge Conference
Ellaville United Methodist Church Pastor Jonathan Beckum and his wife LeeAnn Beckum have returned home from South Georgia Methodist Charge Conference from June 3-5 in Jekyll Island.
Jonathan Beckum has been reappointed to serve the Ellaville United Methodist Church and Corinth Methodist Church. Jonathan has been in Ellaville for three years now and we are proud to have him for another year.
Mary Ellen McCorkle was appointed to serve as the Laity Delegate and representative for Ellaville United Methodist Church.