Your take: July 4, 2018

Published 2:44 pm Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Southland Academy held its last monthly scheduled RaidersCrossfit of the school year with fifth-grade students leading the gathering. The desire of Southland Academy’s RaidersCrossfit is to help students become spiritually, emotionally, and physically ‘fit’ while encouraging strong relationships in their faith, families, and friends. Discussing the ‘Fruits of the Spirits,’ the student leaders shared Biblical scripture and visual aids. Galations 5:22 served as the scripture reference. Shaped like a heart, the strawberry represents love. The orange represents joy; an orange slice looks like a smile. The pineapple signifies peace; the kiwi patience, and grapes stand for kindness. The blueberry means goodness; the peach is for gentleness, and the apple represents self-control. The meeting of approximately 85 students concluded with a student-led prayer. Shown from left are Reece Bell, Gracie Burrell, Avery Ledger, and Adalyn Rooks.