Nancy M. Young: Oct. 13, 2018

Published 12:46 pm Friday, October 12, 2018

Ellaville Methodist Church has dinner for new pastor
After the morning worship service on Oct. 7, Ellaville United Methodist Church held a covered dish dinner to welcome the new pastor and his wife, Haynes and Michelle Martin, to Ellaville and the church.
They were transferred to Ellaville from Macon. They moved in on Oct. 3.
We all welcome Haynes and Michelle to Ellaville and to Ellaville United Methodist Church.

Local historical society selling coffee mugs
The Ellaville-Schley County Historical Society is still selling coffee mugs.
If anyone is interested in purchasing, stop by the Ellaville Floral Shop. These are special mugs and the day will come that most everyone will wish that that they had purchased some.
If you would like to get you some for Christmas gifts, tell Kim or Kay at the florist or call Nancy McMath Young at 229-937-2116.
All proceeds go to help preserve Ellaville and Schley County history.

It’s time to get a flu vaccine
It’s the time of the year to protect yourself from flu. Flu season here and you need to get your family and friends and go to the Schley County Health Department and have Kristy Smith administer a flu shot.
The CDC recommends the flu shot for everyone ages six months and older, especially for people in the following groups who could be at risk for developing flu complications: children younger than 5 and especially younger than 2 years old; pregnant women; adults 65 years or older; people with certain medical conditions, for example, asthma, heart disease or those with weakened immune systems due to diseases or medications.
The Schley County Health Department has the high dose flu vaccine which is recommended for adults 65 years and older. and for anyone a compromised immune system.
Many insurance plans are also accepted.including Medicaid and Medicare. For those e without insurance, the health department offers affordable pricing.
A special recommendation for adults ages 60 and older are reminded to get vaccinations against other diseases if they have not done so. Vaccinations for shingles, pneumonia, and pertussis
are also available and recommended.
For information call Kristy Smith, Schley County Health Department, at 937-2208.

Ellaville Methodist Church Choir sings at Perfect Care
On Oct. 4, the Ellaville United Methodist Church Choir sang for the residents of Perfect Care in Americus.
Those that went were Wayne and Nora Morrow, Olivia Mallichek, Sharon Wall, Alan Schultz, Judy McClellon, Jody and Donna Dillard, and choir director, Mary Nan Pilcher.
Wayne Morrow played his harmonica; Alan Schult played his bass clarinet and Judy McClellon played a special on the piano.
The Choir looks forward to the first Thursday of each month when they visit Perfect Care.