Area beat: Dec. 12, 2018

Published 1:47 pm Thursday, December 13, 2018

Americus Fire & Emergency Services

• Firefighters responded to 16 calls for medical assistance.
• Firefighters responded to Pecan Drive to the report of a smell. The occupant was advised to install a carbon monoxide detector. No hazards were found.
• Firefighters responded to Sun Valley Drive to a report of a strong chemical odor. Upon arrival, the found that the resident had poured Drano down the kitchen sink and used bleach through the washing machine’s water line and the two chemicals reacted upon making contact in plumbing lines. Firefighters flushed the lines with water and ventilated the structure.
• Firefighters responded to an alarm on Wood Valley Road which was activated accidentally by construction workers.
• Firefighters responded to an alarm on Lynnview Drive. There were no hazards except a malfunctioning alarm.
• Firefighters responded to a traffic accident on South Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.
• Firefighters responded to a traffic accident on Felder Street.
• Firefighters responded to an alarm on South Jackson Street which turned out to be a false alarm.

Americus Police Department

• Tyler G. Arnett, 20, of 191 Buchanan Drive, Plains; hands-free violation and misdemeanor possession of marijuana. (12-1-18)
• Calvin E. Banks, 25, 70 Barbara Battle Way, Americus; probation violation; jailed. (12-6-18)
• K’darious Bartlett, 21, of Columbus; aggravated assault and possession of firearm or knife during commission of or attempt to commit certain felonies; jailed. (12-4-18)
• Kelby D. Colbert, 32, of 141 Brady St., Buena Vista; obstruction of law enforcement officers. (12-2-18)
• Jasmine M. Headrick, 25, of 217 Rockdale Subdivision Loop, Americus; driving under the influence of drugs, and misdemeanor child endangerment while DUI; released to another jail. (12-2-18)
• Christopher C. Melton, 48, of 950 Anthony Drive, Apt. 17-A, Americus; DUI. (12-2-18)
• Julia D. Parks, 40, of Atlanta; terroristic threats and acts; jailed. (12-5-18)
• Charlene Smith, 60, of 413 Crawley St., Americus; maintaining a disorderly house. (11-30-18)
• Mickey Snow, 25, of Leesburg; misdemeanor driving while license is suspended or revoke, and failure to obey traffic control device. (12-1-18)
• Lashanda M. Walters, 38, of 404 Arnold St., Montezuma; misdemeanor theft by taking. (12-2-18)

Sumter County Sheriff’s Office

• Jerome M. Glover, 23, of 111 Swisher Road, Americus; probation violation; jailed. (12-4-18)
• Makayla M. Solomon, 20, of 329 Spivey St., Ellaville; criminal trespass and simple battery; released on bond. (12-4-18)
• Eric J. Walker, 39, homeless; first-degree criminal damage to property; jailed. (12-4-18)