‘Forever Young’ comes to Rylander Saturday

Published 11:57 am Wednesday, January 16, 2019

AMERICUS — Using all genres of music, from the 1950s through today, this show tells the true story of five friends and how music changed their lives. Set in a suburban basement where the guys used to hang out after every Little League game, Forever Young is jam-packed with powerhouse vocals, dynamite choreography, and — most importantly — the story of how a record player truly changed everything. Packed full of pop, rock, and country classics, this Branson-based show is ultimately a tribute to your life and your music, featuring the music of Van Morrison, Chuck Berry, Billy Joel, The Black Crowes, Bon Jovi, Brooks & Dunn, Rascal Flatts, Bob Dylan, and so many more.
The show is a regular feature in Branson, Missouri, a town known for its multitude of entertainment options. Forever Young typically performs five nights a week at their home theater in Branson, but now take their show on tour for a month at a time. “I think what makes this show so appealing is that it resonates with all of us. Whether we realize it or not, we all have a soundtrack to our lives and this show reminds us of that. A song can instantly take you back to a favorite place or a memory of your favorite people. So, to get everyone out of that post-holiday slump, this is the perfect time for this show,” said Heather Stanley, Rylander managing director. These five talented performers promise an evening of fun, energy, and great music.