Clay Jones elected to chair Sumter County Board of Commissioners

Published 10:17 am Saturday, January 19, 2019

BY Ken Gustafson

1st African American to hold seat in Sumter
AMERICUS — Commissioner Clay Jones was elected as the new chairman of the Sumter County Board of Commissioners (BOC) at the board’s monthly meeting Tuesday at the Sumter County Courthouse.
Jones, who had been serving as acting chairman, was elected unanimously. He replaces former BOC Chairman Randy Howard, who was unseated during the July Primary. Commissioner Mark Waddell made the motion to approve the election of Jones as chair, and Commissioner Scott Roberson seconded the motion. Roberson is the new commissioner, replacing Howard.
A new vice chairman was elected as well. Commissioner Waddell made a motion to approve the election of Commissioner George Torbert as vice chairman. In electing the vice chairman, no one else had to second the motion. Torbert was elected unanimously.
County Clerk Rayetta Volley was re-elected for another term as county clerk. Commissioner Thomas Jordan made a motion to approve the re-election of Volley and Commissioner Roberson seconded it. Volley was re-elected unanimously.
Janice Jarvis, who serves as the county finance advisor, was elected as deputy clerk. Commissioner Jordan made a motion to approve Jarvis’s election which was seconded by Torbert and passed unanimously.
Volley and Jarvis were designated as co-county administrators earlier this year.

Beth Alston contributed to this report.