Area beat: March 6, 2019

Published 11:14 am Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Americus Fire & Emergency Services
(March 1-4)

• Firefighters responded to 20 calls for medical assistance.
• Firefighters responded to Leila Way to a report of smoke in the area. They found residents burning a small pile of leaves in their backyard. The residents were advised of the city’s no-burn policy. The residents extinguished the fire.
• Firefighters responded to an alarm on Ridge Street where they learned that a child had hit the alarm button, and there were no hazards.
• Firefighters responded to Second Montgomery Street where Sumter County Fire & Rescue were already on scene and had disconnected power to the structure. An outlet that had shorted out was found. The occupants were advised to keep the power turned off and to contact an electrician.
• Firefighters responded to Cooper Lighting, 1101 Southerfield Road to an alarm. They learned the alarm had been triggered when power was cut off. No hazards were found.
• Firefighters responded to an alarm on North Jackson Street which was caused by food burning on a stove.
• Firefighters responded to a report of a possible structure fire at Nutrien, 1011 Oak Ave. An evacuation was underway when they arrived. Employees informed them of electrical sparking inside. Upon investigation, they found arcing wire against a vent pipe covered in dust that was still electrified. A manager killed multiple power sources, unsure of which breaker was connected to that line. No more arcing was noted, and no smoke and flames. An electrician was
contacted and the manager was advised to not reconnect power until the visible section of wire that was sparking was thoroughly checked out. Sumter County Fire & Rescue also responded.
• Firefighters responded to a traffic accident on Mayo Street in which a vehicle had struck a utility pole.

Americus Police Department

• Devante M. Burns-Williams, 27, of 1034 Elm Ave., Apt. 12-E, Americus; probation violation. (2-28-19)
• Porsche S. Clayton, 31, of 706-A Fulton St., Americus; warrant executed; released to another agency. (2-26-19)
• Rosibel Cortez, 26, of 103 Sun Valley Drive, Americus; misdemeanor driving without valid license. (2-25-19)
• Shashekie S. Harris, 37, of 122 Lakeridge Drive Extension, Americus; misdemeanor driving while license is suspended or revoked, misdemeanor tampering with evidence, and hit and run. (2-27-19)
• Julisa M. Hughes, 28, of 237-B Wanda Way, Americus; possession of firearm or knife during commission of or attempt to commit certain felonies; misdemeanor tampering with evidence, marijuana purchase/possession/manufacture/distribution/or sale; jailed. (2-27-19)
• Shinise M. Roberts, 31, of 195 Jenkins Road, Americus; DUI. (2-25-19)
• Cedrick S. Sanford, 32, of 130 Lonnie Lane, Apt. 113, Americus; misdemeanor driving while license is suspended or revoked, and open container. (2-25-19)
• Kedrick D. Williams, 35, of 505 E. Jefferson St., Americus; probation violation; jailed. (2-27-19)

Sumter County Sheriff’s Office

• Zephaniah E. Grimes, 27, of 43-D Reddick Drive, Americus; felony probation violation; jailed. (2-27-19)
• Willie L. Hawkins, 52, of 476 Lamar Road, Americus; battery and obstruction of law enforcement officer; jailed. (2-17-19)
• Roykell L. Hurley, 36, of 192 Forest Park Road, Americus; felony first-degree burglary; released on bond. (2-25-19)
• Alonzo T. Jordan, 20, of 1304 Elm Ave., Apt. 12, Americus; felony first-degree burglary and simple battery; jailed. (2-26-19)
• Chandra D. King , 42, of Buena Vista; probation violation; charge was dismissed. (2-27-19)
• Sharmen Y. King, 45, of 225-B Horton Drive, Americus; mandatory education for children 6-25; released on bond. (2-21-19)
• Jaquan D. Leverette, 22, of 115 Hosanna Circle, Americus; disorderly conduct; jailed. (2-24-19)
• Crystal M. McCalister, 35, of 900 Southwestern Estates, Apt. 205, Americus; driving while license is suspended or revoked, and expired or no registration or title; released on bond. (2-21-19)
• Sondra K. McCook, 33, of 129 Bailey Road, Cobb; mandatory education for children 6-25; released on bond. (2-21-19)
• Torrance S. Morgan, 37, of 124 Pinecrest Drive, Americus; violating terms of drug court; jailed. (2-15-19)
• Jessica D. Pickle, 33, of 176 Tulip Drive, Americus; felony theft by taking; jailed. (2-27-19)
• Thomas D. Pike, 24, of 374 Old VFW Road, Oglethorpe; simple battery; jailed. (2-26-19)
• Justin B. Sellers, 30, of 193 S. Freeman Ave., Andersonville; probation violation; jailed. (2-19-19)
• James F. Smith, 58, of 320-A Russell St., Americus; felony probation violation; jailed. (2-19-19)
• Drexel J. Tucker, 35, of 217-B Creekside Drive, Americus; driving while license is suspended or revoked, and fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer; jailed. (2-22-19)
• Ricky C. Weaver, 17, of Warner Robins; criminal trespass and misdemeanor theft by taking; released on bond. (2-25-19)
• Andrew B. White, 29, of 607 Jackson Ave., Americus; felony probation violation; jailed. (2-26-19)
• Demarco R. Witchard, 42, of 110 Knollwood Drive, Americus; speeding, failure to obey stop sign, driving while license is suspended or revoked, two counts of failure to maintain lane, reckless driving, fleeing or attempting to elude police officer, obstruction of law enforcement officers; jailed. (2-28-19)
• Kolby P. Wright, 17, of Albany; criminal interference with government property; released to another agency. (2-22-19)