Your opinion: Thanks to Rusty Whaley

Published 10:52 am Wednesday, April 10, 2019

I would like to express my appreciation to Rusty Whaley for appearing before the Board of Education,” though few were there,” to appeal for the board to keep the name AMERICUS in the name of the new High School.
Much of the Americus High School history was lost in the fire that burned the Americus High School. Tokens of State Championships in sports and other activities were lost and so was much of the HISTORY of Americus High School.
On April 24, a Joint Class Reunion of the 5 classes of the 1950s that attended Americus High School will gather in Americus. We will talk about our history but that of our years at AHS is only in our memories and will cease to exist for future students as we pass on.
The State Championships won during that time, Coach John Bell and Jim Luck and the fantastic teams that existed then. Coach Jimmy Hightower’s teams and his induction to the GA Hall of Sports Fame. You mention Americus High School and people remember these achievements by the name “Americus”. Please allow this history to live on when people see the identifying name Americus.

Sandra Griffin Wardell, Class of 1954 Americus High School
Sandy, Utah