Your take: May 25, 2019

Published 10:48 am Saturday, May 25, 2019

These scholars in Coach Molly Speir and Coach Jay Umpleby’s physical dducation classes at Furlow Charter School achieved the Healthy Fitness Zone in all areas tested during the Fitnessgram Assessment. The tests completed were height and weight for BMI, sit and reach for flexibility, pushups for upper body strength and endurance, curl ups for abdominal strength and endurance, and PACER for aerobic endurance. Back row, from left, are Christopher McGrady and Andy Kuipers. Middle row, from left, are Elizabeth Arizmendi and Gavin High. Front row, from left: Taylor High, Caitlyn Umpleby, Gracie Springer, Apollo Huss, Jaelyn Wynn, and Declan Ekkel.