Health inspections: 6-8-19

Published 1:27 pm Saturday, June 8, 2019

OGLETHORPE — The following health inspections were recently conducted by Environmental Health Services/Macon County Health Department.
• Oglethorpe Barbecue Co., 1956 Ga. Highway 49 South, Oglethorpe — 5-3-19 — score: 88
— Observed cooked beef brisket cold-held above 41degrees F. Hold all TCS foods at or below 41 degrees F. Item discarded.
— Observed cold-holding equipment in use that does not meet Rule -.05(2)jj. Use only cold holding units located in establishment meet Rule -.05(2)jj.
• Yoder’s Deitsch Haus, 5252 Ga. Highway 26 East, Montezuma — 5-30-19 — score: 96
— At time of inspection an employee was observed preparing food without hair restraint
— At time of inspection observed the most recent food service inspection report not posted. A copy of the 2019 choking poster was provided to person in charge to post in public view.
• Huddle House, 500 Spaulding Road, Montezuma — 5-29-19 — score: 87
— Observed employee drink cup without lid on prep table.
— Observed time used as control for eggs without the required marking of time removed from control. Eggs were discarded.
• Macon County High and Middle School, 611 Carl Peaster Highway, Montezuma — 5-23-19 — score: 100
• Old Mexico, 127 Cherry St., Montezuma — 5-22-19 — score: 100

BUENA VISTA — The following health inspections were recently conducted by Environmental Health Services/Marion County Health Department.
• Marion County High School, Ga. Highway 30, Buena Vista — 5-7-19 — score: 97
— Observed two containers or ground beef thawing on a pan stored on prep-table. Time/temperature control for safety food shall be thawed under running water temping 70 degrees F. or lower, overnight in cooler, or thawed in a microwave oven, then immediately cooked with no interruption in the process. Person in charge moved ground beef to walk-in cooler to properly thaw. Proper thawing methods were also discussed.
• The Crenshaw School Inc. — 656 Ga. Highway 30, Buena Vista — 5-7-19 — score: 91
— Observed several food items hot-holding at temperatures less than 135 degrees F. Hot-holding shall be maintained at 135 degrees F. or higher. Person in charge reheated food items to 155 degrees F.
• Tri-County Headstart, 116 Rogers St., Buena Vista — 5-3-19 — score: 100
• L.K. Moss Primary School, Pinevill Road, Buena Vista — 5-3-19 — score: 100
• Magnolia Manor of Marion County, 349 Geneva Road, Buena Vista — 5-3-19 — score: 100
ELLAVILLE — The following health inspection was recently conducted by Environmental Health Services/Schley County Health Department.
• Main Street, 15 E. Oglethorpe St., Ellaville — 5-13-19 — score: 95
— Observed three-compartment to-go trays not turned upside down. Person in charge is to store to-go trays upside down to protect from contamination.
¬— Observed restroom doors not self-closing. Person in charge to render the restroom door self-closing.
— Observed gaps in the back exterior door. Person in charge is to fix the door so that there are no gaps.

AMERICUS — The following health inspection was recently conducted by Environmental Health Services/Sumter County Health Department.
• Speedy’s Eatery, 927 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Americus — 5-31-19 — score: 87
— Observed Time/Temperature Control for Safety (TCS) food (shredded cheese, rice) cold-holding above 41 degrees F. Person in charge to discard cheese and rice.
— Observed expired container of half and half. Commercially-made foods should be thrown out once it is expired. Person in charge discarded half and half.
— Observed the previous inspection report was not posted for public viewing. Person in charge to post inspection report for public viewing.
• Sumter Retirement Village, 2124 U.S. Highway 280 West, Plains — 5-3-19 — score: 96
— Observed person in charge unable to demonstrate knowledge regarding foodborne disease Code: The person in charge shall demonstrate to the Health Authority knowledge of foodborne disease prevention Corrective action: Environmental Health Services provided courtesy copy of reporting agreement and instructed PIC to keep agreements available for review at all times.
— Observed no procedures for vomit or diarrheal events. Code: A food establishment shall have procedures for employees to follow when responding to vomiting or diarrheal events. Corrective action: Environmental Health Services provided person in charge with courtesy copy of procedures.
• Lillian Carter Health & Rehabilitation, 225 Hospital St., Plains — 5-31-19 — score: 91
— Observed food employee prepping raw pork bacon adjacent to bread and prepared sandwiches on a prep table, Code: Food shall be protected from cross-contamination by separating raw animal foods during storage, preparation, holding, and display from raw ready to eat food and cooked ready to eat food. Corrective action: Person in charge separated raw pork bacon and sandwiches
• Sumter Youth Detention Center (YDC), 300 McMath Mill Road, Americus — 5-28-19 — score: 99
— Observed no testing device available for testing sanitizer concentration for mechanical warewashing machine. Code: A test kit or other device that accurately measures the concentration in mg/L of sanitizing solutions shall be provided. Corrective action: No corrective action was taken.
• China Bell, 1103 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Americus — 5-23-19 — score: 90
— Observed no written documentation for time as public health control. Person in charge to have written documentation of the procedure and list of items that use time as public health control.
— Observed a build-up of debris on the fan inside the walk-in cooler. Person in charge to keep nonfood-contact surfaces of equipment free of accumulation of dust, dirt, food residue, and other debris.