Leila Case: A journey on a new avenue begins

Published 10:57 am Saturday, June 15, 2019

Three weeks ago, I began walking along a new avenue — a journey that offers spectacular scenery, and the people I’ve encountered along the way are delightful and creative and positive thinking — something we all need.

Three days of the week, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursdays through Fridays, I’m at Americus Art Gallery located at 117 W. Forsyth St. where I’m the gallery manager and surrounded by lovely artwork created by local artists.

Being a part of the downtown scene is so much fun, and I’m happy to be a part of the vibrancy of what’s happening. I’ve had jobs downtown in the past and I loved being part of the scene and activity and I’m happy to return.

During the interim I’ve been there, I have learned some new technology, using my iPad or iPhone as tools for adding new members to the Americus Art Council’s membership roll and “ringing up” sales. It’s fun when it works and agony when it doesn’t. But I’m getting there because I have a tech guru, Brooks Nettum, as my instructor.

Some days we’re swamped with people and the iPad gets a workout, while other days are slower but I manage to keep busy and before I know it the four hours have flown.

It’s also difficult to refrain from buying some of the artwork exhibited. but so far I’ve resisted because our walls at home are covered with my artist husband Bruce Case’s beautiful landscapes, florals, and still life pieces along with other paintings by local artists such as Mary Beth Rogers, Sondra Littlefield, along with Maureen Smith who has moved away, as well as Phoebe DeVaughn Porter, formerly of Montezuma.

Artists exhibiting their work at the Art Gallery include visual artists Jeff Williams’ unique work, Betty Levin’s impressionist pieces, pop art by Tanya McDonald, and prints and collages by Charles Davis. Other visual artists are Courtney Puckett, Yasmin Hasnain, Brita Hobbs, and Cate Bailey.

Award-winning potters Ralph Harvey and Jane Merritt Myers have beautiful exhibits. Jane recently won honorable mention at the Southwest Georgia Regional Art Show in Albany presented by the Albany Area Arts Council. Also a jewelry maker, Jane designs and creates beautiful necklaces and bracelets from the pottery beads she crafts.

Jewelry maker James Scarborough of Ellaville has a lovely exhibit of silver jewelry that he designs and creates converting silver flat wear into rings, bracelets, key rings, and other unique pieces.

First Friday attracted many people into the gallery and they enjoyed creating whimsical origami butterflies and birds under the tutelage of Alwen Yeung of Americus, who brought along her parents Kwok Yan Yeung and Nga Wan Fu who are visiting Alwen and her husband Brian Parkinson and family for six weeks.

So please stop by and visit the Americus Art Gallery on your next trip downtown. You’ll be in for some appealing artwork exhibited throughout and you may see something you can’t live without. Let’s put my iPad to work.

Elsewhere, Americus Rotarians Rene and Angela Smith were in Hamburg, Germany, for the annual Rotary International Convention and what impressed them the most was the sheer multitude of Rotarians (estimated at about 27,000) who traveled from all over the world to come together to “Capture the Moment” and be inspired by the awesome speakers, new friendships,  and leadership development opportunities. They met some amazing people from every continent and were renewed in their commitment to the work that Rotary is doing here in our own community, as well as globally. Rene will be installed as the 2019-2020 president of the Americus Rotary Club on July 1, following Jimmy Whaley.

The Smiths took the week before the convention to explore Germany, spending time in Berlin, Mittenwald, Bavaria, Innsbruck, Austria, Cologne, and Hamburg. They thought the Cathedral in Cologne was the most impressive.

Also traveling in Europe last week were Bill and Ellen Hanson and daughter, Quinn Hanson, a graduation gift to Quinn, a May graduate of Georgia Southern State University, Statesboro. They toured points of interest in Italy and had a wonderful time being together to explore and tour on their own throughout the various cities they visited. Ellen says it was an awesome experience and they did lots of walking but had fun with every step.


Leila Sisson Case lives in Americus.