Area beat: 10-2-19

Published 11:00 am Thursday, October 3, 2019

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Americus Fire & Emergency Services


(Sept. 30)

  • Firefighters responded to five calls for medical assistance.
  • Firefighters responded to Second Montgomery St. to a report of a gas smell. No hazards were found.
  • Firefighters responded to Hancock Drive to a report of a limb blocking a lane of traffic. They dragged the limb out of the roadway.



Americus Police Department



  • Lakeriya Ashley, 23 of Cordele; criminal trespass. (9-29-19)
  • Kendrick D. Caldwell, 30, of 117 Hosanna Circle, Americus; simple battery (Family Violence Act) jailed. (9-26-19)
  • Cornelious R. Colwell, 25, of 508 Lindsey Lane, Americus; contempt of court. (9-26-19)
  • Jamarcus J. Dariso, 17, of 211 Poplar St., Americus; robbery; jailed. (9-29-19)
  • Diana Garcia, 44, of 1622 Church St., Montezuma; theft by shoplifting. (9-26-19)
  • Cecil L. McDonald, 48, of 512 Morris Ave., Montezuma; two counts of felony first-degree burglary, and theft by receiving stolen property; jailed. (9-29-19)
  • Annie M. Pough, 44, of 115 E. Lester St., Americus; two counts of shoplifting; jailed. (9-28-19)
  • Charlie Robinson, 19, of 219 Academy St., Americus; disorderly conduct; jailed. (9-28-19)
  • Keshawn Robinson, 21, of 146 Starlight Circle, Americus; misdemeanor driving while license is suspended or revoked. (9-26-19)
  • Corey B. Secor, 25, of Plant City, Fla.; failure to maintain lane and DUI. (9-28-19)
  • Larry D. Taylor, 62, of 104 Griffin Lane, Americus; DUYI, driving while license is suspended or revoked, and failure to maintain lane; released on bond. (9-28-19)


Georgia State Patrol Post 10, Americus



  • Vincent S. Jackson, 49, of 740 Spivey St., Ellaville; DUI and speeding; released on bond. (9-29-19)


Sumter County Sheriff’s Office



  • Lorenzo Ball, 18, of Albany; released to Lee County Sheriff’s Office. (9-28-19)
  • Teerra L. Bartlett, 38, of Columbus; misdemeanor failure to appear in court for a finger printable charge; released on bond. (9-26-19)
  • Shalisa L. Dodson, 32, of 117 Tom Hall Circle, Americus; felony probation violation; jailed. (9-27-19)
  • Travis L. Evans, 28, of 679 Pine Ave., Americus; driving while license is suspended or revoked; released on bond. (9-30-19)
  • J’vion M. Harris, 20, of 516-A Hancock Drive, Americus; driving under the influence of drugs, driving in violation of license requirements, open container, and possession of a drug-related object; released on bond. (9-29-19)
  • Alyssa S. Jones, 20, of 98-A Bozeman Circle, Americus; misdemeanor possession of marijuana; released on bond. (9-27-19)
  • Matthew B. Latner, 36, of 187 Sylvan Place, Americus; aggravated assault; jailed. (9-27-19)
  • Felicia G. Mejia, 45, of 1947 Dr. Deryl Hart Road, Buena Vista; fourth-degree forgery; jailed. (9-27-19)
  • Travis J. Mills, 23, of Cordele; speeding, driving while unlicensed, fleeing or attempting to elude police officer, and open container; jailed. (9-26-19)
  • Quinton R. Roberts, 29, of 711 Brooklyn Terrace, Americus; child support court order violation; fine paid and released. (9-26-19)
  • Kenneth A. Shults, 28, of Columbus; holding for U.S. Marshal Service. (9-26-19)
  • Stephen K. Studdard, 28, of 3709 South Lee Street Road, Americus; holding for Houston County Sheriff’s Office. (9-26-19)



  • Carishma Cladd, 20, of 945 U.S. Highway 19 South, Americus; speeding. (9-29-19)s
  • Jamari Dean, 19, of Ellenwood; speeding. (9-27-19)
  • Shawanda Holsey, 31, of Marietta; speed less than minimum. (9-27-19)
  • Leonard LaRussa, 55, of 148 Briarwood Circle, Americus; failure to obey stop sign. (9-27-19)
  • Mary A. Thomas, 82, of 260 E. Oglethorpe St., Ellaville; failure to obey traffic sign. (9-27-19)