Senator David Perdue greets Sumter County

Published 12:18 pm Monday, December 21, 2020

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Mike Cheokas, our Georgia House Representative had the joy of introducing Sumter County to Georgia’s Senior Senator, David Perdue. Perdue is making a 125-stop bus tour to spend time with Georgia’s citizens. Perdue is covering the state in his tour to get the message out about what he can offer our fellow residents. Senator Perdue wished the crowd a Merry Christmas and reminded them, “in God we trust, because we are one nation under God.” Perdue reports he is proud to represent our state and our people. He reminded those gathered that the “eyes of our country are on us right now. I can’t tell you how many calls and texts I get telling me to hold the line down here in Georgia. Not just senators—but everyday ordinary citizens I know around the country. Most don’t pay attention to politics, but they know what’s at stake now.” Senator Perdue was met by a group of people who very much know what is at stake, as their enthusiasm to get him back in Washington DC was palpable. The masked gatherers were many and they were quick to offer a cheer or a round of applause at Perdue’s words. Perdue went on to remark about the importance the Republican party be able to hold the majority in the senate by sending himself and Kelly Loeffler back to the capitol. “We can do it! Thanks to you I’ve already beat this guy—a good Georgia lickin’!” In speaking of himself and Kelly Loeffler he asked the crowd to “get the vote out. With your help we are going to win Georgia and save America.”

Perdue reminded the crowd that Chuck Schumer, the minority senate leader, had said, “First we take Georgia then we change America.” Perdue was quick to add the kind of change Schumer was proposing was dangerous for the county. Defunding the police and pushing through “The Green New Deal” are some of the priorities Perdue claimed the Democrats are pushing for. The Senator went on to remind the crowd of Ronald Regan’s words: “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

Perdue introduced his campaign manager who has experience in assisting small countries to create and maintain democracy. He told the crowd that two words matter: “Vote early.” He suggested votes be cast prior to Christmas because folks have a hard time getting to the polls, and good weather on and around election day is not promised. The campaign manager also reminded those gathered of a new group of voters, those having registered after the November 3rd election. This will be their first time voting. He asked the crowd to take initiative to inspire these young voters as it is possible that one day, they will be asked about their first experience voting. They will be able to say they “voted for David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, and it was about winning Georgia and saving America!”

The senator and his team invited the group for a picture after which they received a warm Sumter County welcome before making the next stop on the bus tour. Senator Perdue’s bus is covered in signatures of supporters as a reminder of who he is working for. Sumter County residents took the opportunity to add their signatures as a token of support and as a thank you for the service Senator Perdue is providing to them. Early voting is currently taking place in Sumter County at GSW’s Griffin Bell Conference Center at 1800 South Lee Street. For most days, the hours will be from 8-5, however there are some changes in times due to the holidays. Election day is January 5th and all regular polling places will be opened. Currently the Senate has 48 members from the Democratic Party and 50 members from the Republican Party. Should a Senate vote be split equally, the vice president will cast the tie-breaking vote.