Tax Assessors Discuss ATV’s and Low Number of Appeals

Published 6:40 pm Friday, December 15, 2023

The Board of Tax Assessors met on December 12th at the Sumter County Court House.
The Board discussed better communication with the permitting department so that they could keep informed about buildings that had reached a certain percentage of construction qualifying them for taxation, since waiting until the building was completed could result in lost taxable income.
The Board also discussed the low number of appeals, with two of the remaining eighteen having been withdrawn.
Chief appraiser Chris Williams discussed S5’s, which allow one hundred percent disabled veterans to apply for zero real estate tax on homestead exemptions.
Williams listed the cost for Qpublic:
“Our fiscal year one cost that would go from March 1st through June 30, 2024, that cost would be $9,052 for year one. Year one would include the initial setup which is $8,232.”
Williams mentioned the cost would lower the second year.
“Fiscal year two from July 1 2024 through June 30 2025, that cost will be $2,460.”
Williams also mentioned an upcoming 2022 digest review for the coming Thursday. Williams then referred to the taxation of off-road vehicles.
“There is going to be a flat, $20 fee if anybody wants to take their off-road vehicles and drive them on county roads.”
The Board mentioned that only street legal vehicles would apply, and it would only apply to county roads.
Williams mentioned that the fee would not be required for those who didn’t wish to drive off-road vehicles on the road.
The Board Adjourned without executive session.