October 9, 2015

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Local author to sign new book

Published 1:00 pm Tuesday, September 8, 2015

AMERICUS — Kay Whidbee Sherwood will signs copies of her latest book, a novel —  News from the Holy Land — from 2-4 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 12 at Bittersweet Books, downtown Americus.
Sherwood is a retired teacher from Georgia Southwestern State University. She and her husband Chuck love to travel and have taken every opportunity to do so, for pleasure and also for mission trips. Their favorite place is Israel, where they’ve been blessed to visit three times, and they are planning to go again in September.
Just before the recent “signs and wonders” in the heavens began, Kay Sherwood wrote her first book, a study of end-time prophesy. Some of the signs and wonders, such as the recently occurring close encounter of Venus and Jupiter and the Tetrad of Blood Moons falling on the Jewish Feasts of Passover and Tabernacles for two years in a row, have caused believers to look for answers. Sherwood’s inspiration actually occurred many years ago, but became urgent about four years ago when she began writing Red Moon Black Sun: A Modern Day Explanation of the End Times (non-fiction).  She recently wrote a free, downloadable companion study guide when using the book as text while teaching a class at her church.
Sherwood incorporates some of her own travel experiences in her novel, News from the Holy Land, which illustrates how one extended family is affected by the catastrophic events during the tribulation of the end times.
The novel begins shortly before the sixth seal of the apocalypse (an earthquake, the moon becomes like blood, and the sun becomes like a bag of black hair), or shortly before Israel signs a covenant of peace for seven years. Observing signs of “apocalyptic nature,” Sue Windsor and her husband move to Israel to follow what they believe to be God’s mission for them during their last few years on planet Earth as we know it. From Jerusalem, they send newsletters home to family and friends describing disastrous events they observe which have been prophesied for almost three thousand years.
News from the Holy Land is divided into two parts. In part one, the horror of the curses, the chaos poured out on the Earth, and the intrigue of the rise to power by the sinister “Beast/Antichrist” draw the reader into the story. In part two, evil grows to its highest degree under the rule of the Beast; however, there may be hope for those who believe in the Messiah. Will He arrive in time to save them? Will the reader be thrilled or filled with terror and trembling?

Kay Sherwood
Kay Sherwood