Nancy M. Young: 1-16-15

Published 3:08 pm Saturday, January 17, 2015

A trip to Virginia for the holidays

On Christmas Day 2014, the Rev. Lowell Layman and his wife Slitra and girls, Faith and Grace Layman, left for Bridgewater, Va., to spend the holidays with Lowell’s family.

They spent Christmas night in Statesville, N.C., on the way to Virginia. Santa Claus came on Christmas Eve here and then they celebrated Christmas on Dec. 26 in Virginia. They visited with Lowell’s parents John and Marian Layman at their home.

On the 26th Lowell’s two older sisters and all of their families came to their mother’s for a big get together for Christmas with all the Laymans and their families. They truly enjoyed being with their family on such a special occasion.

The Laymans started back home on Dec. 31 and spent two nights on the road coming back home, and they all arrived safely.

Schley County Family Connection meets

Schley County Family Connection has its first meeting of 2015 at noon Jan. 22 in the City Conference Room.

Guest speaker is Cody Rushin, Schley County Recreation’s athletic director. The Family Connection is working with Rushin and the Schley County Community Foundation to obtain grants to build a playground at the Athletic Center.

Please make plans to attend this meeting. The meal will still be $6 each. RSVP to John Greene and let him know if you are planning on attending so he can contact the caterer. Call 591-2323.

Joint birthday parties celebrated

Following all the Christmas activities, the Justice family swung into birthday mode with others right away.

On Dec. 28, the Justice family joined the Braxton family to celebrate the birthdays of Jason Justice, Amber Braxton DeLoach and Clifford Braxton all at one time.

The table was decorated with a western flair and the food was placed on the serving table for all family and guests to serve themselves. The hostess served mixed salads, fried chicken and all the trimmings. The honorees were served two cakes. One cake was decorated with purple and turquoise  toppings, which are the favorite colors of an honoree, and the other cake was double Boston cream pie/cake.

After gifts and good wishes to everyone, they all enjoyed the fellowship with each other.

Those who attended were the host and hostess Clifford and Sharon Braxton, Amber Braxton DeLoach, John David and Darla Braxton and Claire, Jason and Dawn Justice, Liberty and Dixie Justice, and Wilbur and Vicki Justice.

What a celebration this was for all of the honorees.

Celebrates 45th birthday

On Jan. 6, Brian Justice celebrated his 45th birthday (his actual birth date is Jan. 5) with his family at his parents’ home here on College Street.

His mother served his favorite meal of smothered fried steak and gravy, lasagna, squash casserole, seven-layer green salad, baked potatoes with topping, yeast rolls, tea and sparkling white grape juice, followed by a four-layer maple/butter pecan cake and ice cream with caramel sauce.

Those attending this special birthday were Brian and Sandy Justice, Anna and Mary Katherine Justice, Danielle Gooding, Jason and Dawn Justice, Liberty and Dixie Justice and the hosts Wilbur and Vicki Justice.

What a special day this was for Brian.