Nancy M. Young: March 13, 2015

Published 10:00 am Saturday, March 14, 2015

Schley County C-Heart Public Health Emergency board meets

On March 3, the Schley County C-Hear Public Health Emergency board met to discuss measure if Schley County should have an emergency such as a terrorist attack. Presenter was Hank Wilson with Public Health Emergency of Columbus.

Discussion was on dispensing medication to the public if needed following an emergency event.

If anyone would like more information about this, visit

For more local information call Kristy Smith, County nurse, at the Schley County Health Department at 937-2208.

Ellaville Methodist Choir sings at Perfect Care

On March 5, the Ellaville United Methodist Church Choir sang for the residents of Perfect Care in Americus. Wayne Morrow Sr. played his harmonica for everyone.

The choir gets so much out of singing for the residents; they enjoy it more than the resident.

Those that sang were Olivia Mallichek, Sharon Wall, Jacquelyn Dillard, Wayne and Nora Morrow, the Rev. Lowell Layman, Slitra and daughters Grace and Faith, Evelyn Stembridge, Judy Gattis and choir director Mary Nan Pilcher.

Wesleyan group selling kitchen products

The Wesleyan group of Ellaville United Methodist Church is selling special products. Jacqulyn Dillard is in charge of selling vanilla flavoring, 7 fluid oz. bottles for $3 each, and Danny Duzit, a stainless steal sponge, at $3 each. I must admit this is especially good to keep beside the sink. It’s worth the money.

If anyone would like to purchase or order, call Jacquelyn Dillard at 937-2224.

We also are selling knives, single or sets, of steak knives, paring knives, all kinds. There is a catalog for you to select from. To see the catalog call Sharon Wall at 937-2037.

The Wesleyan group had sold these special items for years.