Reds manager unleashes vulgar tirade

Published 3:00 pm Tuesday, April 21, 2015

After winning their first four games to open the season, the Cincinnati Reds proceeded to lose seven of their next eight contests to tumble into third place in the National League Central Division.

The Reds’ stretch of subpar play has given rise to no small amount of frustration among the team’s fans and, apparently, their manager as well. Bryan Price, in his second season at the helm, used an interview session prior to Monday’s 6-1 win at Milwaukee to unleash a five-minute tirade against members of the media who reported that the team’s All-Star catcher, Devin Mesoraco, was not in St. Louis for Sunday’s game against the Cardinals. Mesoraco has not played in more than a week due to a hip injury but was expected to rejoin the team Tuesday.

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Price took Cincinnati Enquirer reporter C. Trent Rosecrans to task specifically for tweeting that he flew from Cincinnati to St. Louis on the same plane as Mesoraco and catcher Tucker Barnhart, who was being called up from Triple-A Louisville to replace Kyle Skipworth on the roster.

According to Rosecrans, Price’s expletive-laden rant included 77 uses of the “F” word and 11 uses of a profane word for feces. He posted a transcript on the Enquirer’s Reds blog, a portion of which is excerpted below:

Bryan Price (BP): Can I ask you a question?

C. Trent Rosecrans (CTR): Sure

BP: I don’t understand what the importance is for everybody to know if we have a player that’s not here. We don’t benefit from the other teams knowing we don’t have a player. It does — you don’t have to be a Reds fan, but it doesn’t help us if our opponents know who is here and who isn’t. That’s what I want to know.

CTR: Well, as a fan, I’m wondering, here’s a spot for Devin Mesoraco, why isn’t he there?

BP: Where was the spot?

CTR: As a pinch-hitter? He’s an All-Star with 25 home runs last year, I know I asked if it was a left-handed bat thing, you said no.

BP: I don’t get it. It’s, you know, look, I don’t need you guys to be fans of the Reds, I just need to know if there’s something we want to keep here, it stays here. We don’t need to know that Tucker Barnhart’s in the f****** airport when we haven’t spoken to Kyle Skipworth. I think we owe that f******* kid the right to be called and told that he’s going to be sent down as opposed to reading that Tucker Barnhart is on his way from Louisville. I just… I don’t get it. I don’t get why it’s got to be this way. Has it always been this way where we just tell f****** everybody everything? So every f****** opponent we have has to know exactly what we have. Which f****** relievers are available, which guys are here and which guys aren’t here, when they can play, and what they can do. It’s nobody’s f****** business. It’s certainly not the opponent’s business. We have to deal with this f****** b*******.

I like to talk — and I have spoken as candidly as I can with you people, if that’s not good enough, I won’t say a f******thing. I’ll go, ‘yes sir, no sir.’ And I can do that. But f***, I’ve been as candid as I can f****** be about this team and our players, and we’ve got to deal with this s***, every f****** team that we f****** play has to know every f****** guy that’s here and what they can and can’t do? F*** me. It’s a f****** disgrace. I’m f****** sick of this s***. It’s f****** hard enough to f****** win here to have f****** every f****** opponent know exactly what the f*** we bring to the table every day. It’s f****** horse****. I don’t like it. It’s what I’m saying. To make it very clear, I don’t like the way that this s***’s going — at all. I don’t like it. I don’t think you guys need to know everything. And I certainly don’t think you need to see something and tweet it out there and make it a f****** world event. How the f*** do we benefit from them knowing we don’t have Devin Mesoraco? How do we benefit from that? They benefit from it. I just want to know how we benefit from these f****** people know we don’t have a player here. Can you answer that? How is that good for the Reds?

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