Nancy Young: May 1, 2015

Published 2:00 pm Sunday, May 3, 2015

Ellaville without lights for nearly 24 hours

Around 6 p.m. Saturday, April 25, lightning struck the substation and put all the lights out in Ellaville. Georgia Power had to bring a new large substation here from Athens Saturday night. I got my information from the Ellaville Police Chief and the Schley County Sheriff.

Everyone was wondering what they would do. The lights came back on around 4:30 p.m. Sunday. We used flash lights, candles and battery-operated lanterns in the interval. We made it and God is so good to all of us.

New County health nurse on the job

The Schley County Health Department has a new nurse manager — Kristy Smith. She is a registered nurse and has a bachelor of science in nursing. Kristy graduated from Georgia Southwestern State University School of Nursing in may 2002.

She has had 13 years of nursing experience and has worked in critical care, emergency room and home health care. She also worked in public health for the last seven years at the Sumter County Health Department before coming to our Health Department.

Kristy was asked about her transition from Sumter County Health Department.

“I’m very excited to be promoted to nurse manager of the Schley County Health Department. Public health is my passion and I truly enjoy protecting, promoting and improving the lives of people in my community.”

She enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She is married to Jake Smith and they have two children, Brody, 8, and Ellie, 2, and they live here in Schley County.

The Schley County Health Department is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and are closed from noon-1 p.m. for lunch. Call to schedule an appointment at the health department at 937-2208. Walk-ins are welcome.

The Schley County Health Department provides the following services: Adult health clinic; emergency preparedness; general clinic; laboratory service; teen/adolescent health; pregnancy test, STD evaluation and HIV and counseling on various problems; and Women Infant Children.

Ellaville City administrator resigns

The Ellaville City Administrator Debbie Pilcher Smith resigned from her position at the April meeting of the Ellaville Mayor and City Council.

She has worked for Ellaville City for 12 years. She gave the mayor and City Council a month’s notice. Debbie started working for the City in June 2003. She said that she plans to do other things. She really helped the City of Ellaville and we surely are going to miss her.

Florida friend visits Ellaville

On Friday, April 24, Bob Mowbray, a former resident of Ellaville, was guest of Bobby, Nancy and Frederick Young for a few days. While here he hunted wild turkey ands played golf with friends.

All of Bobby’s and Bob’s local turkey hunters came over and they talked about their turkeys and what their callers sounded like and how they called him up and it was the largest turkey that he’d ever seen.

As you can see I live with a turkey hunter. I must brag on Bobby Young; he was the finest wild turkey hunters in this area before our county and others were able to hunt in their counties because of not having turkey seasons.

Bob returned to his home in Gainesville, Fla., on Tuesday after killing one turkey. We all enjoyed having Bob for a few days.

Mary Ellen McCorkle returns from cruise

Mary Ellen McCorkle left on April 10 for Apollo Beach, Fla., where she spent that night with her daughter Melissa McCorkle Snyder  and her two granddaughters, Harper and Nellie.

The next day, she met her three friends in Cocoa Beach, Fla., where they all spent the night before boarding the Carnival cruise ship Valor. These four always take a cruise each year.

They set sail for Free Port, Nassau, and Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas. When they arrived in Freeport they went ashore to the Grand Lucaya Resort for the day. They enjoyed the beach and the famous Infinite Pool. Mary Ellen said they walked the beach to a seafood shack called Billie Joe’s Conch Shack for the best Bahamian seafood.

The next day they arrived in Nassau. They visited the world-famous Straw Market and gem stone shops. The following day was a relaxing one at Carnival’s private island, Half Moon Cay, where the beaches were the most beautiful in the Caribbean. The next day they spend relaxing at sea. The last day they arrived back home when they docked at Port Carnival.

Mary Ellen spent the weekend with her three children, Rick, Jonathan, Melissa and their families. She returned to Ellaville and home after having a enjoyable cruise.

Billy McCorkle attends class reunion

Billy and Elene McCorkle attended Billy’s 61st class reunion on April 25. Billy graduated in 1954, from Mitchell County High School. He and Elene look forward to attending this class reunion every yea.

All classmates and spouses met at the Diggidy Dog Restaurant in Camilla. Billy said there were about 14 classmates that attended with some spouses.

They really had a enjoyable time at this reunion.

Siblings gather to celebrate

The weekend of April 16, all siblings of Vicki Justice arrived at Wilbur and Vicki ‘s mountain house in Sautee-Nacoochee. Everyone coming was so excited for all them to get together at one time.

Those that attended were Wilbur and Vicki Justice, Joe and Iris Menendez, Robbie and Kay Brown, Dessie and Wanda Powers and Todd and Virginia Newcomb, all arriving one after the other just to visit as a family.

It took a lot of planning to get everyone together in one place. While Joe and Todd were traveling, one came from Missouri and the other from Texas driving and flying straight through to make this event happen. Joe and Iris will be moving, for Joe’s job, to Colorado. Virginia (Ginny), the youngest of the group, was celebrating her 50th birthday.

On Friday evening part of the family got together and had supper at the Western Sizzler in Cleveland and began celebrating Ginny’s birthday which went into Saturday. The whole family now assembled, they all traveled to Dahlonega to attend “Bear on the Square” celebration of arts and crafts. They had lunch at “The Smith House” where meals are served family style.

After lunch they all took a walk and viewed the wares and talent. Musicians were playing and singing on every corner.

Vicki said that they all had such a good time, they hated to see the weekend end.

Vicki, Iris Wanda, Virginia and Robbie are siblings.