Your opinion: Aug. 29, 2015

Published 11:00 am Monday, August 31, 2015

Salvation Army needs canned goods
Fellow citizens of Americus and Sumter County the Salvation Army NEEDS canned goods.The shelves in the Salvation Army are lower than they have been.
More local citizens are in need of food.The Letter Carriers Food Drive held the second Saturday in May did NOT help the Salvation Army Food Pantry. All or most of that food was shipped to a regional center. Now the Salvation Army is really low on canned goods.
Fellow citizens please consider donating some canned goods
to the Salvation Army (an organization that helps others). Thanks. In Christ.
Wayne Gosa

Traffic light needs immediate  attention
The traffic light at the corner of South Lee and Glessner has a problem, and it has for several years. Traffic proceeding east on Glessner does not always activate the sensor in the pavement effecting a change in the light from red to green. If there is westbound traffic trying to cross S. Lee street on Glessner there is no problem, but if there is no westbound traffic and eastbound traffic wants to proceed in the opposite direction and the light has malfunctioned, then forget it! Drivers either have to wait for some westbound traffic to trip the light, turn right on red, or run the red light outright. I have witnessed all three events many times over the years. (I prefer not to say which actions I have taken.) This malfunction occurs fairly frequently. I, myself, notice it about once per month, so it probably occurs several times each day.
I have called the police department many times and written a letter and all they say is that they will send a patrolman out, but I don’t believe that will solve the problem (It hasn’t yet.). The light needs to be repaired, reprogrammed, replaced, or removed. At the very least there needs to be a sign erected saying something like, “If this light does not turn green in two minutes, look both ways and proceed with caution. You will not be cited for a traffic violation.”
I have been told that there are other lights in this town with the same problem. It is hard to believe that this has been allowed to continue for so long. I hope that this problem is fixed very soon!
Bill Kipp