Health inspections: Aug. 29, 2015

Published 9:00 am Tuesday, September 1, 2015

AMERICUS — The following food service inspections were conducted recently by Sumter County Environmental Health.
• Subway 17986/Walmart, 1711 Lamar St., Americus — June 25 — 82 B
—  Person in charge not performing duties of monitoring and corrective action as evidenced by critical and non-critical violations.
— Observed hand washing sinks with bottle brush, cardboard and part of soap dispenser in the sink. Corrective Action: Talked with employee about the items; items were removed from sink. Hand washing sinks should only be use for hand washing, not for storage.
—  Observed boxes with bread, beef steak and eggs not properly covered and subject to contamination in walk- in freezer. Corrective Action: Employee should recover food after removing portions of food. Foods were recovered.
— Person in charge explained how dining tables were cleaned using spray bottle and wiping cloth. Proper method is to use spray sanitizer with a disposal towel at each table or may use two buckets, two cloths method. Corrective Action: Paper towels will be used with spray sanitizer.
— Observed two-door cooler with no thermometer inside. Corrective Action: Need to replace missing thermometer in this cooler by 06/26/2015.
— Observed tea dispenser in dining table area with no cover/lid on top and subject to contamination. Corrective Action: Lids/cover were place don top to protect.
• Americus-Sumter Senior Center, 717 N. Jackson St., Americus — July 22 — 96 A three-compartment sink. You must be able to use the dispenser device or you will need to add the quat sanitizer or bleach sanitizer manually to attain proper strength solution. Corrective action: Sanitizer will be manually added to third-compartment of sink and measured. Corrected On-Site.
• Bison Valley/R&K Catering, 1085 Tallent Store Road, Americus — July 29 — 100 A
• Burger King (No. 4633), 922 E. Lamar St., Americus — Aug. 7 — 96 A
— Observed only one bucket to sanitize the dining room tables. Explained to the person in charge the proper use to sanitize the tables is the two-bucket method. Corrective action: Will switch to two- bucket method.