Leila S. Case: Decision to try yoga again the right one

Published 4:04 pm Monday, September 7, 2015

“It’s Fabulous Friday,” announces Paige Greene in the soft, soothing voice to everyone on bright colored mats scattered about the hard gym floor.
I look around. We’re all sitting Native American fashion, legs crossed in front. It reminds me of my kindergarten class and the way we sat on the pale yellow linoleum painted with happy Humpty Dumpty characters. This was different. It wasn’t my kindergarten class. We weren’t there to hear the teacher read but to stretch and bend and curl or bodies into different positions.
Stop dreaming, I remind myself. You’re in yoga class.
“It’s Fabulous Friday,” the soft-voiced instructor says again from the riser. The lights are dimmed. Melodious music plays while I ponder, “Will this be fabulous Friday or fiasco Friday for me?” I would soon know.
Paige is a certified yoga instructor and I was among those in her large class at Southwest Georgia Fitness Center, where I have been “working out” the past eight years on the stationary bike, the elliptical, without having a stroke or heart attack, and the treadmill. I love it — I feel better afterward but I can’t hold a toned muscle to some of the diehards. Some actually RUN instead of walk on the treadmill. Can you imagine? I can only watch and admire. Their muscles are strong — their bodies glisten with sweat as they work to the max.  These are slim and svelte people y’all. Unfortunately I am not. God didn’t intend me to look like a runway model but more like the Humpty Dumpty’s painted on the kindergarten linoleum — an image I have relentlessly tried to defy through exercise  —  something my body really dislikes but my brain has more sense and always wins the argument. The result is aches and pains. The reward afterwards is awesome — a long hot soak in the bathtub with a glass of cool wine.
So, I thought, I’ll change my tactics. I’ll try yoga again. I enjoyed it once when I took from Sissy Ledbetter. Besides Mark and Anne Barrett, my son and daughter-in-law, sing the praises and benefits of their yoga class led by Gabrielle Stauff, another certified yoga instructor. They put their bodies through contortions. It’s paid off.
So, here I am with Paige who tells us again it’s “Fabulous Friday.” I march into the gym with my hot pink floor mat under my arm, wearing black tights and a long aquamarine tee that covers the bulges, and sit on the hard gym floor, like I once did in kindergarten. But instead of Miss Montgomery reading a story, it’s Paige who speaks in low tones and instructs us to bend, curl and stretch. We do as she says — at least the others do. The positions have names, too, like cow (that’s me), child (in my heart), cat (like a Halloween cat) and others I don’t remember. My muscles wake up and ask, “What’s going on?” I tell them to be quiet. It’s difficult enough to pay attention to Paige’s instructions without having my muscles scream at the top of their voices.
I watch the clock. The hands move slowly — the hour is up! I made it. My brain shouts “Hallelujah.” Paige did make Friday fabulous and not a fiasco. Come join me.
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Leila S. Case lives in Americus.