Our opinion: Take time to be thankful

Published 2:15 pm Thursday, November 26, 2015

As we prepare to sit at our bounty-ladened tables tomorrow, let us remember there are those among us who will have little or nothing to eat, today or tomorrow. They are here in our own community — not only the almost invisible homeless but also the working poor: people who believe in toiling for an honest living but can’t quite make ends meet in order to feed and clothe their family.
There are mentally ill people who roam our streets every single day. We’ve all seen them; they sometimes break the law and end up behind bars. It’s difficult not to scoff at their existence because sometimes their behavior is so bizarre we can’t help but laugh.
It is not a laughing matter. Many of the people we see, through no fault of their own, wander aimlessly all day and into the night, seeking — what? A kind smile? An respectful demeanor? Not one of us is immune to mental illness; just remember that. “There but for the grace God go I.”
We should thank God every day for the many blessings we enjoy as Americans. We are a free people and can worship as we wish.
Don’t forget to give thanks for our military men and women and their families today. Separation is especially painful during the holiday season.
Be careful this holiday weekend. We wish you all a  Happy Thanksgiving.