Americus-Sumter High School’s Teacher of the Year: Alicia Green

Published 10:14 am Sunday, November 29, 2015

AMERICUS — Marketing teacher Alicia Green gives herself a unique form of homework each day after she leaves work.
“I make it my personal business to know the latest dance moves, songs, videos, readings, and trends that influence my students,” said the Teacher of the Year at Americus-Sumter High School.
“When they learn that I know all of those things, it immediately sparks their interest and I have a captive audience,” she said. “My greatest strengths or contribution as an educator is my ability to relate to the students and to use a variety of instructional strategies.”
It is all a part of her desire to create an environment where learning can occur for a whole range of students.
“I base my teaching philosophy on the belief that all children can and will learn and be successful with their unique and individual talents that all students possess,” she said. “They only must be given the appropriate learning opportunities. When students feel that they are loved by their teacher they will strive to invest in themselves and their education, taking ownership in their academic success.”
Green is not the type of teacher who stands at her lectern and talks at students. She aims to create a give and take that to her is the essence of the learning process.
“I allow students to have the freedom of expression and creativity, to ask questions, learn from their mistakes, and do their best,” she said. “Together we can celebrate each others’ successes and build from our failures and inspire each other to be all we can be.”