Our opinion: Peace on Earth, good will toward all

Published 3:00 pm Thursday, December 24, 2015

As the birthday of our Lord, Jesus Christ approaches, we should take the time to pray for those in war-torn countries and for the hungry and sick children around the globe who suffer through no fault of their own.
While giving gifts is a reflection of the Magi bringing gifts to the Christ child in the manger, often we become too consumed by it and lose the true meaning of the season.
We should give to those who are most in need: the mentally ill, the homeless, the physically sick, the elderly who have no one else. We should not forget these, our fellow human beings, because there but for the grace God go we ourselves.
Let us never forget that Christmas is the most holy of days. If Jesus had not been born 2,015 years ago in a far-away land, He never would have been crucified and died for our sins. Christmas is germane to Christians around the globe, some of whom are being persecuted and murdered for their beliefs. Let us pray for them also as we give joyous thanks to our Heavenly Father for sending us the miraculous child who would forever change the world.