Americus native co-authors book

Published 12:30 pm Monday, December 28, 2015

Kenova Miles to hold book signing Dec. 28 at local library

AMERICUS — Americus native Kenova Miles and co-author William T. Hunter have a new book, “Rain,” in print. It is described as described by Page Publishing as “creatively crafted and vividly illustrated work of philosophy and science.”
Miles was born in Americus and is a 1997 graduate of Americus High School. He is the soon of Myrna Chambliss Wilbon and Willie Wilbon  of Americus, and James Miles Jr. of Americus.
A former marine, Miles has worked at the Pentagon for the last 13 years, and live sin northern Virginia with wife Rebecca Gilmer Miles and daughter Nylah Grace Miles. He is an aeronautics and military scientist, policy writer and  analyst.He is also a music producer.
Miles said his interest in science and reading nonfiction and fiction books when he was younger prompted him to try his hand at writing fiction.
According to a press release from Page Publishing of New York,  the new book  is “a gripping and potent tale that delves into the ideas of religion, fate, survival, life and meaning.”
The book “represents a society of CHON people desiring to make a profound change  on this planet. As one people elevating their Earth consciousness to the Creator of All consciousness, they can connect to the universe by using metaphysical concepts and analytical philosophy in a number of ways.”
“Looking at the world through science will help us in the new era of time that we are now entering. With this understanding, the energy within this universe will touch your heart and the God-force can take you places that you can only imagine and will sweep you off your feet. If you have picked up this collaboration of identifying life information of truth through the Creator of All that we exist in and depart from analytical bread crumb path which is science, turn it over and  read this message. Welcome!” says Miles and Hunter.
The book is available at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.
Miles will return to Americus on Dec. 28 for a book signing at Lake Blackshear Regional Library from 2-4 p.m.