Nancy M. Young: Jan. 2, 2016

Published 1:00 pm Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Ellaville United Methodist Church Choir sings for Perfect Care
The Ellaville United Methodist Church Choir sang for Perfect Care on Dec. 17. This choir looks forward to going to Perfect Care once a month to sing to all of the residents.
Those participating were the Rev. Jonathan Beckum, Jody Dillard, Wayne and Nora Morrow, Olivia Mallichek, Judy McClellen, Broulio and Mary Lynn Ornelas and sons, Judy Gattis, Barbara Usry and Mary Nan Pilcher.
Wayne Morrow Sr. played  Christmas music on his harmonica. The pastor sang “The Old Rugged Cross” and Barbara Usry sang “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.”
The pastor ended the singing with a prayer.

Families come home for Christmas
This was a real special Christmas at the Goodings’ home here in Ellaville. Margaret Gooding’s children came home for the Christmas holidays. Margaret, son David, Ruth and Christen Gooding came home on Dec. 23. David and his family live in Seattle, Washington, and they left going back to Seattle on Dec.  30 after being home for a week.
Larry and Jane Gooding Lehman came home on the same day as her brother David for their Christmas with her mother and family. Jane and her husband live in Fredericksburg, Virginia.
They all had Christmas dinner with Jimmy and Marianne Phillips. Those enjoying dinner on Christmas Day were Margaret Gooding, Michael Dixon of Americus, Kevin and Ann Marie DeVane and T.J. DeVane, Maggie Streetman and Mary Kate Streetman, Tommy and Susan DeVane, David and Ruth Gooding, Christen Gooding, Larry and Jane Lehman and hosts Jimmy and Marianne Phillips.
This family had a special Christmas being together , especially for Margaret to have her children home for this Christmas.

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Dillard celebrate 60th wedding anniversary
Vernon and Jacquelyn Dillard celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on Dec. 18. They celebrated this special event a week earlier on Dec. 11 at the home of their daughters and sons-in-law, A.J. and Jolyn Dillard Morris in Columbus. Those that attended were their family only, their children, grandchildren and great-grandson.
Let’s all congratulate Vernon and Jacquelyn on such a special celebration of being together for 60 years.

Justice family holds Christmas Eve dinner
On Dec. 24, the Justice family all got together on Christmas Eve at the home of Wilbur and Vicki Justice on College Street here  in Ellaville. This has been a family tradition for years. They all came together for a very special night with the family.
They all look forward to appetizers and snacks when they arrive early as well as a delicious meal later.
This year the weather was bad with severe rain and flooding, and the power went out in some parts of the city. Vicki said it’s hard to have a gourmet meal without electricity. After quick thinking,  everyone pitched into find alternative ways to get things cooked.
The City workers were as efficient as ever and got the power   back on pretty quickly.
Vicki served garlic and herb pork loin roast with dressing and gravy, lasagna, herb-roasted red potatoes, green bean casserole, broccoli salad, marinated vegetable salad, roll, tea and sparkling cider. Later on they served their desserts: egg nog pie, red velvet cupcakes, lady fingers, sandie’s and coffee.
Following the meal gifts were exchanged and everyone felt so blessed celebrating this special occasion together. Those attending  were Brian and Sandy Justice, Jason and Dawn Justice, Liberty and Dixie Justice, all of Ellaville; Caleb and Rebecca Justice and son Conner Justice of Macon; Danielle Goodin of Cleveland, Georgia; Jasper Goodin and guest Shelby of Centerville and the hosts, Wilbur and Vicki Justice.
This family looks forward to this special Christmas Eve event every year with the parents, children and grandchildren all together.

Have a Happy New Year
I wish each and everyone of you a Happy New Year.
May all of your prayers be answered, and health and happiness be with each one of you.
We all need to keep God close to us and everything will be fine.
Love and Happy New Year. — Nancy McMath Young