Nancy M. Young: March 12, 2016

Published 10:00 pm Monday, March 14, 2016

Schley County Presidential Primary results
These are the results from Schley County for the Presidential Primary  held March 1. Only 45 percent of the registered voters cast a ballot.
Democrats: Hillary Clinton 146, Martin O’Malley 3, Bernie Sanders  25, Michael Steinberg  1
Total Democrat votes: 175
Republicans: Jeb  Bush  7, Ben Carson 74, Chris Christie 1, Ted  Cruz 223, Lindsey Graham 1, Mike Huckabee 3, John R. Kasich 23, Marco Rubio 110, Donald J. Trump 331
Total Republican votes: 773

Ellaville-Schley County Historical Society holds annual Membership Meeting
At 7 p.m. March 5, the Ellaville-Schley County Historical Society held its annual Membership Meeting at the American Legion.
The meeting was called to order by the President Nancy McMath Young. The Rev. Mark Kinservik gave an opening prayer after which a business session was held.
The president highlighted the accomplishments of 2015. The historical society helped with the renovation of all the doors in the courthouse. The organization replaced the cannon balls on the Confederate statue in the park and also placed a sign in the City Cemetery in memory of Henry Frederick Rainey.
The floor was open comments and questions. Jacquelyn Dillard, Wayne Morrow Sr., Tommy Barnes and Wilbur Justice had questions.
The historical society needs help in finding a photo of the first Schley County Courthouse. We know that it had two stories and was built of wood. If you have a photo, please make a copy and let us have it for the history book. We are asking anyone to donate historical documents such as deeds, and also photos and anything else.
Members were asked to serve on committees.
Three lovely framed and matted pictures were donated by Gaynelle Wall Williams: the courthouse, the old school and the train depot.
The a Memorial Plaque was shown.
Refreshments were served and everyone enjoyed fellowship. About 40 attended this meeting.

Bridal shower for Lee Anne Morris held
On March 6, the women of Ellaville United Methodist Church honored Lee Anne Morris of Americus with a lovely bridal shower. Lee Anne is engaged to church pastor, the Rev. Jonathan Beckum.
The couple will be married at 6 p.m. April 9 at the church, with his father Robert Beckum performing the ceremony.
A lovely display of gifts was on display. All tables were covered with white tablecloths.
The bride wore a black outfit with a lovely corsage pinned to her shoulder.
Three serving tables were covered with white tablecloths. On the dessert table, the centerpieces were two small bird cages with candles inside, with the cake and other sweets were served.
The large serving table had a lovely floral centerpiece that graced the center of the table. On this table finger foods were served and the punch table had white table cloth and punch bowl graced the table with magnolia leaves surrounding the punch table.
Everyone enjoyed this special event for our bride to be.

Newcomb received Million Miles Accident Free Award
Todd Newcomb has recognized for driving a truck a 1 million miles without having a accident. Todd was raised in Ellaville and lives here now.
On Feb. 24, Virginia Brown Newcomb and her sister Vicki Justice traveled to Springfield, Missouri, to be with Todd at the Second Annual Awards Banquet hosted by the company that Todd works for Prime Inc.
At this special event, Todd received an award and a plaque. He has been with Prime for over seven years and has traveled the United States making deliveries. Virginia is no stranger to Prime, being she and Todd drove as a team for several years. The couple was pleased to show Vicki the Prime facilities.
That evening the drivers who were to be recognized and their guests   were treated to an elegant dinner. Beginning with a seafood appetizer, empanadas, salsa, assorted cheeses, crackers. Followed with a green salad with balsamic vinaigrette dressing, filet mignon, garlic potatoes, broccoli, fresh rolls and wine and other beverages.
The next day Todd showed his visitors sights of interest such as the well-known Bass Pro Shop, which is the original and largest of the Bass Pro Shops.
That night they dined at the famous Lambert’s Cafe, home of the “throwed rolls.” Vicki said that this was an experience. She said after you order your meal the staff comes around with assorted vegetables for you to try; then they come out with sheets of hot rolls and then they yell “anyone want a hot roll, raise your hand” and they throw you a roll across the room. Later they come out and shout  “hub caps  — get your hub caps.” These are huge cinnamon rolls with an inch of icing the size of a real hub cap.

Schley Extension Service rich in history
The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service in Schley County has some real interesting history regarding its secretaries.  Some people called them clerks.
The Extension Service agents began in Schley County in 1909. Little  is known about those who served behind the scenes in the office, assisting when they were needed.
Did you know that there have only been six secretaries in the office  in Schley County?
The first Extension Clerk was Ada Holloway who started working on Jan. 1, 1934, until Sept. 15, 1944. Then Hazel Rigsby Ellis followed working from Sept. 15,1944, to Sept. 30, 1959. Then Angie Tondee  McCorkle came to the Extension Office on Oct. 1, 1959, and left on July 2, 1968. Amelia Pilcher held the position from July 2, 1968,  until April 30, 1971. Louise Tidd  worked there from May 6, 1971, until her retirement from the Extension Service in December 1999.
Now we have Brenda Welch who says she is honored to follow in the footsteps of these women serving as the secretary of the office to all Schley County citizens. Brenda began in July 1999.