Crenshaw School respects diversity

Published 10:00 am Thursday, March 31, 2016


BUENA VISTA — It’s a small world after all, and The Crenshaw School, located at 656 Ga. Highway 30 inside the former Tri-County High School building, is taking into consideration that all children all over the world deserve a rich, invigorating education, whatever the circumstances.
The Crenshaw School is an accredited Pre-Kindergarten-12 college preparatory school where children are allowed to blossom, according to the Head of Schools, Brenda Crenshaw.
“College is not for every child,” Crenshaw said. “Some students enter into their family business. Some students become hair dressers or go to art school. However, everyone who attends here will be prepared to attend college if they wish to attend.”
Crenshaw began working in the public school system as a teacher and privately tutored high-level athletes and entertainers for years before opening up a strong academic school designed to help teach students of varying abilities reach their educational goals.
As Crenshaw walks through the entrance area of the building which is decorated with brightly colored photographs of previous students from around the world who have become successful individuals, she explains that The Crenshaw School is an American school which is presently offering some amazing scholarships. There will be  scholarships available for the first 10 students who enroll this year. The scholarship will be a $200 discount on tuition for 10 months of the year until the student’s graduation date. Crenshaw said there will be three tiers of scholarships offer to local students all together.
“We are an American school which appreciates and respects diversity,” she said. “We are a unique school.”
Crenshaw said she owns a school in Florida and has recently partnered with investors from China, who recently purchased the fromer Tri-County facility, in an effort to educate children from around the world who are willing to attend school in America.
“We are anticipating our students will be good for the community and our children will benefit from experiencing the cultural exchange,” said Crenshaw.
The school also caters to the needs of families that travel and have students involved in professions or heavily involved in sports, acting or etc.
Crenshaw said she has experience working with bright students all over the globe, from Florida, California to New York, who became easily bored. Crenshaw said she keeps the boredom factor in mind when considering the design of her program.
“We work with their schedule,” she said as she explained the school focus is not on being the biggest school but the best school. “We are a very challenging, forward thinking, innovative and flexible school. We have small student to teacher ratio. We have small classes which give the students more individual attention and freedom to do more with their students. And we focus around the students’ specific needs which will grant them success.”
Crenshaw began her career as a teacher in Florida. She then had an opportunity to teach children who were involved in the entertainment industry. Eventually, she had the opportunity to become a “set teacher” where she taught some students who would become some well-known artists.
“I taught Kenan Thompson, now an actor and comedian on Saturday Night Live; Justin Timberlake, singer, songwriter, and Mandy Moore, singer, songwriter and actress,” said Crenshaw, who  said The Crenshaw School is a strict school. “We have rules, discipline and dress code that are fully enforced.”
Crenshaw said she takes a look at each student’s application, transcripts, and behavior and test scores to gather an overall picture of the student and where they stand academics and behavior.
“Some students are not going to be straight A students; some are going to be A/B students,” Crenshaw said explaining that sometimes the B students are more flexible. She described that children learn in three basic ways, tactical, visual and auditory.
“Tactical students learn by hands-on experience. Visual learners learn through sight, and auditory learners through hearing,” she said.”
Crenshaw said her ultimate goal is to provide a supportive academic environment.
“We hope to provide students with a fun, warm learning environment and the support they need to reach their goals in life,” she said.
Crenshaw attributes her success to her creator.
“I was called to teach children,” she said, adding that God has led her to where she is today.
The Crenshaw School is fully accredited international (AI)in Georgia and Florida; National Council for Private schools in Georgia and Florida; Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI) in Florida; Association of Independent Schools of Florida (AISF), and member of National Association for College Admission Counselling (NACAC) Member of NCAA
For more information call 229-649-5251 or visit or Facebook The Crenshaw School, GA.