Final Sumter County Election results with all precincts reporting

Published 9:50 pm Tuesday, May 24, 2016

AMERICUS – With all 11 of Sumter County precincts reporting, the results of today’s primary election are as follows:

Cortesia Barthell has won the race for Clerk of Superior Court Judge with 77.36 percent of the vote (1,466 total).
Chealsea Cromer received 166 votes.
Misty Harry received 263 votes.

In the race for Sumter County Sheriff, incumbent Pete Smith has won the position with 70.1 percent (2,407 total) of the total vote.
Phillip Daniel received 1,.31 votes.

In the race for Sumter County Coroner, Scott Aldridge has won the democratic ticket with with 64.89 percent (1,981 total) of the vote.
Bobby Harris received 1,072 votes.
Aldridge will be up against Greg Hancock for the position of Sumter County Coroner on Nov. 8.

In the race for State Representative, Mike Cheokas carried Sumter County with 71.23 percent (1,991 total) of the local vote.
Tommy Pilcher received 804 votes.
With all four counties in the district reporting, Cheokas won the election with 66.02 percent (3,075 total) of the vote.
Pilcher received 1,513 votes in the district.
Cheokas will face Bill McGowan for the position in the November 8 election.

In the race for the at-large seat on the Sumter County Board of Education, incumbent Sylvia Roland has won with 57.26 percent (2,973 total) of the vote. Michael Coley received 2,218 votes.

In the race for Sumter County Probate Judge, Stephanie Bennett won with 54.77 percent of the vote. Michael Green followed close behind with 2,317 votes.

In the race for the Superior Court Judge position, to replace George Peagler, Jimmie Brown carried Sumter County with 49.91 percent of the local vote. Lewis Lamb followed close behind with 1,748 votes. Kevin Kwashnak received 673 votes.
Brown won the six-county race with 56.41 percent (7,788 total) of the overall vote.
With all six counties reporting, Lamb received 4,860 votes in the district and Kwashnak received 1,158.

In the state-wide race for United States Senator (with 154 of 159 counties reporting), Johnny Isaakson won the republican nomination with 77.45 percent (442,732 total) of the vote. Mary Kay Bacallo received 60,367 votes and Derrick Grayson received 68,570.
On the democratic ticket, Jim Barksdale won the right to progress to the November election with 53.86 percent (163, 220 total) of the state-wide vote. Cheryl Copeland received 127,398 votes while John F. Coyne III received 12,414.
Isaakson will square off against Barksdale in the November 8 general election.