Nancy M. Young: May 7, 2016

Published 10:00 pm Wednesday, May 25, 2016

City of  Ellaville has received 28 flags

The City of Ellaville  has recently received 28 flags that have been placed on lamp poles on the downtown square.
The flags are green with Ellaville and Schley County written on them. These flags were put up on Monday, April 25. So when you ride through town look to see how pretty they are. They were given to the City by a anonymous benefactor.
The City and the citizens of Ellaville thank the donor so much for being so thoughtful.

New City of Ellaville sign is complete
The new City of Ellaville sign that’s off of Ga. Highway 26 East and West and U.S. Highway 19 North and South has been completed.
This special “Road  Beautification Grant” was given to the City of Ellaville by the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT). The City received two grants from the GDOT. One grant was for the sign and the other was for landscaping of the sign. They  have just completed the work on April 27.
The City will be installing lights soon for illumination at night.
Drive by and see this pretty sign.

Schley County Family Connection has monthly meeting
At noon April 28 the Schley County Family Connection met at the Thomas Edwin Wall Post 191 American Legion.
John Greene opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and asked Pascal Hollis to asked the bless the meal.
After lunch John gave some information about the Family Connections and its future plans. He told about the May Family Connection meeting which is always a big event.
Having special recognition for three graduates and the STAR  Teacher from Schley County High School, John introduced the guest speaker, state Rep.  Mike Cheokas, R-Americus, who        have some very interesting reports about our local area as well as what’s going on in Atlanta. Mike said there was a 30 percent  growth  in Schley County due to the  Schley County School System. He reported that the state budget of $23 billion passed. He said we should be proud that Georgia has a large number of  films and TV movies made here. One that you see on TV is “The Walking Dead,” made just 90 miles from us.
John called on different individuals to give their reports starting with Julie Oliver with Phoebe Sumter Clinic in Ellaville. She said they were going to have classes for exercising and a walking trail will be coming soon. She also said they have a new office soon.
Cindy Hagerson, Schley County High School counselor, said that 45 students will be taking their AP tests starting May 5. Graduation on May 21 with 87 graduates. School will be out on May 20.
Kristy Smith, Schley County Health nurse, reported on “Stay Healthy and Stay Smart” as well as Teenage Pregnancy Month.
Nancy Collins with Flint River Behaviorial Health Care, covering six counties, and Elaine Gillespie, representing Congressman Sanford Bishop’s office.
Sherine Towns represented the Georgia Department of Labor working the veterans that need help.
Karen Albritton, with the Lighthouse Advocacy in Americus which works with sexually abused children, reported that they have a full-time therapist now.
Debra Hawver, Schley assistant school superintendent, reported that they are wrapping up the final days of school as well as working on trying to get grants ups for Title I and Title II and  more.
Nancy McMath Young reported on the local activities of the  historical society over the past year, and its involvement in the renovation of the courthouse. The historical society will be moving into the courthouse soon.
Pascal Hollis, representing the Thomas Edwin Wall Post 191 American Legion, said that the local Legion has 100 percent membership. He said that Ellaville Legion is number 1 in Georgia. The Legion will be sending boys off to Boys State soon, which  they have done for  over 60 years.
Sharon Wall, representing the Legion Auxiliary, announced that  the Auxiliary is sending girls to Girls State  as well.
A guest, Chad Martin, attended was with Mike Cheokas.

Phoebe Sumter to fund Walking Trail & Park
Phoebe Sumter  Medical Center is giving a grant to Ellaville and Schley County for a Walking Trail and Park.
On behalf of the people of Ellaville and Schley County, we thank  Phoebe Sumter. The people of our community can surely benefit from this. Phoebe Sumter is also donating some equipment for the trail and park.
The City and County will find a very special place to put this project. It’s our goal for residents of the community to have a healthy and active lifestyle. The new Walking Trail and Park will give people a safe place to exercise.