Assistant pastor, former student speaks at Southland

Published 3:00 pm Saturday, May 28, 2016

Timmerman brings lesson of Easter symbols

AMERICUS —Approximately 100 lower school students met for the Southland Academy RaidersCrossfit March meeting. Leading the assembly was Cody Timmerman who serves as the assistant pastor of Children and Families at Central Baptist Church of Americus.
Timmerman was very interactive with the students and helped them to focus their minds and attention on Easter. Used as a visual aid, Timmerman’s Easter basket contained many typical Easter traditions which connected to the true meaning of the Easter celebration. The woven basket itself symbolizes the woven crown of thorns placed on Christ’s head. The grass in the basket represents the hay in which baby Jesus used as a bed. The chocolate gold wrapped coins exemplify the money for which Judas betrayed Jesus, but Jesus still loved him. The cross embodies the reason Jesus came to earth — to die on the cross for our sins. The box of Peeps has many to offer and share. Jesus saw many people when He came back to life, and He shared the message of His story. Finally, the empty egg characterizes the empty tomb saying, “Jesus is alive.”
Southland Academy is proud to have a graduate like Cody Timmerman visit the campus and share such an important motivational message with the young students.