Teaser trailer released for GSW’s 1st feature film

Published 9:00 am Friday, June 3, 2016

AMERICUS — The Department of Theater, Communication and Media Arts at Georgia Southwestern State University (GSW) just released the “teaser” trailer for its first feature film, “Which Way There.”
The teaser trailer can be viewed at the following link: https://gsw.edu/news/index/1362-teaser-trailer-release-for-gsw-s-first-feature-film
The film’s director Joey Watson, Ph.D., assistant professor of communication and media arts, said the teaser trailer is one of the first methods to generate buzz for the movie.
“The invention of a teaser trailer was always in the game plan for us,” said Watson. “I wanted something under a minute but with enough shots to generate interest in the story and demonstrate the scope of the movie.
“My hope is that it intrigues viewers towards the story as well as the film’s release in the fall,” Watson added. “We will put out a ‘full trailer’ around mid-August. It won’t be on the Super Bowl-level of say, ‘Star Wars Episode 7,’ but obviously the timing and release of trailers for a specific audience demographic are an essential part of any marketing strategy in the entertainment industry. It’s a great experience for GSW students to learn these aspects of the business and industry.”
“Which Way There” follows a woman named Mavis and her experiences with time travel. Each time she awakens, she finds she has either been sent forward to the year 2115 or back to the year 1915. As Mavis is hurdled through time, she not only has different identities in each time period but also different love interests.
This was also the first opportunity for GSW students to learn about film production. Many students worked as cast and crew members, filling roles like assistant director and production coordinator. Additionally, countless businesses and individuals in the Americus area made the filming possible by lending scene space and other resources.
A tentative date for the screening is October 2016.
A feature story written about “Which Way There” is available at this link: https://gsw.edu/news/index/1085-gsw-department-of-theater-communication-and-media-arts-shoots-first-feature-film-in-americus