Our opinion: This is National Newspaper Week

Published 10:30 am Friday, October 7, 2016

We are in the middle of National Newspaper Week.
This week we should all stop and think about how much a local newspaper means to a community, and try to imagine the giant hole it would leave if there was not one.
Instead of reminding everyone what the Americus Times-Recorder offers, let’s take a look at what it would be like without the ATR, your hometown information source.
Without Area Beat, how would you know that the next door neighbor has a criminal record? How you would know that your child’s teacher is a Registered Sex Offender who had failed to register when he/she moved to town?
How would you know about upcoming events such as art exhibits, festivals, plays, concerts, recitals, club meetings, church services, sporting events, and then be able to see photos of these events in case you were not able to get to all of them?
Who would tell you exactly what was said at a city council, county commission or school board meeting? While it’s good to know how they voted, how else would you know what was said by each member prior to a vote, or even after?
How would you know every detail of the Friday night high school football game in which your grandson made the winning touchdown? You may have been there in person, but isn’t it great to be able to sit in your easy chair on Saturday and read all about the game and see photos?
How will you know who to vote for in the upcoming, or any, election? Reading interviews with candidates could educate you to the point that you are truly an “informed” voter.
Controversy in the community? You can always rely on gossip and innuendo, but where else might you find the actual facts of the matter in order to make your own decision? There is not only one side; there are two, and sometimes three.
How would you know that a large business is relocating to the area and plans to hire 300 workers?
How can you possibly know that the guy you run into in the grocery store each week collects rare reptiles or that the woman who sits near you in church grows bonsai, or the kid up the street is collecting money to help his little sister who had cancer?
Think about it. And know this: Without your community newspaper, the Americus Times-Recorder, you would be out of the loop, in the dark, and clueless about much of what’s happening in the community. That’s a scary thought.
Please help us celebrate National Newspaper Week this week, and throughout the year.