Nancy M. Young: Oct. 29, 2016

Published 2:30 pm Monday, October 31, 2016

Schley County EMS helps with Hurricane Matthew evacuation
Schley County Emergency Medical Service was called to help with the evacuation of nursing home residents in Savannah, prior to Hurricane Matthew.
The local EMTs who went were Duane Montgomery, Wes Beamon, and Keith Castleberry. They transferred nine patients by ambulance from Savannah to another nursing home in Conyers.
They left Ellaville at about 9 a.m. Oct. 6, ands returned home the next night.
Thank each of you for doing such a good job. This is the second local team that was dispatched for the emergency.

Justices visit  mountains for fall foliage
On Oct. 14, Wilbur and Vicki Justice went to the North Georgia mountains to enjoy the beauty of the fall leaves and to listen to the waters of the Chattahoochee River.
They were joined the following day by family and a friend —  Keith and Anna Justice Sims of Columbus, Brian Justice of Ellaville, and Jo Patterson of Americus.
The young people enjoyed 6.5-mile hike at Raven Cliff. After a long day of strenuous exercise they returned home to a meal of tortilla soup, stir fry, and baked potatoes followed with hot apple pie and vanilla bean ice cream.
Everyone returned back to their homes on Sunday evening and they are hoping to return before all the leaves are gone.

Ellaville’s Brent Cobb shine on solo album
After decades looking for his dream, Brent Cobb, an Ellaville native, is now a professional entertainer. The 30-year-old is celebrating his long awaited first full-length album, “Shine On Rainy Days.”
Brent has stayed true to his own brand of soulful country music and refused to water down his lyrics and sound to fit  the “Bros Country.”
It’s a compliment to Brent to stand on his music. Area residents will enjoy the song “South of Atlanta,” which obviously pays homage to his hometown of Ellaville and can apply to surrounding areas.
Brent also offers much more serious fare with songs of deeply reflective lyrics that explore a wide range of emotions from joy to pain and everything in between.
Brent’s ability to tell stories and put his feelings with songs have led him to being described as a “poet and everyman.”
His musical career has been a long and winding road. He left Ellaville and spent a few years in Los Angeles before moving to Nashville for about eight years. There were times along the
way that he asked himself if he was making the right decision.
A couple of years ago after learning that he would become a father, Brent took a good look at his life and decided it was time to make a change, so he took an indefinite break from touring. He decided that he would spend time with his baby, Lyla, who just turned two years old in July, and he would just write songs.
Brent said that it was funny that when he stopped chasing so hard and decided to do the right thing, everything started to happen for him: a recording with Atlantic Records, and the biggest break, his solo album.
He said his song writing has affected his daughter in that she loves to morning sun and gets up with a big smile on her face.
Now Brent’s back on the road playing and performing his new album. He played the Georgia Theater in Athens Oct. 14 before heading back to Nashville to play a show with Chris Stephens this past weekend. He performed last night, Oct. 28 at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville with a special guest to sing with him — his father, Patrick Cobb of Ellaville. This was a surprise to Patrick’s mother and Brent’s grandmother, Rena Cobb of Richland.
Patrick Cobb wrote a song years ago when he lived in Ohio. So Brent has been singing it and he asked his father to sing with him at Grand Ole Opry, being that Patrick wrote the song and wanted to surprise Rena.
Congratulations, Brent on your successes. We are very proud of you.