Board of Regents announces national search for GSW president

Published 5:30 pm Monday, November 14, 2016

ATLANTA — On Thursday, Board of Regents Chairman Kessel Stelling, Chancellor Hank Huckaby and Chancellor-elect Steve Wrigley announced plans to launch a national search for the next president of Georgia Southwestern State University (GSW) in Americus.
A campus-based presidential search committee will be formed and announced by the end of December 2016. Members of the committee will include GSW faculty, staff, students, and representatives of the Americus community, and will be appointed by Stelling, Huckaby and Wrigley. Nominations for the search committee should be submitted to the Board of Regents.
“This is truly an exciting time and opportunity for Georgia Southwestern,” said Huckaby. “I thank the Georgia Southwestern campus community in advance for their support and direct engagement in this search, as we will have thoughtful representation from faculty, staff and students on the campus-based presidential search committee.”
The campus-based presidential search committee will be responsible for the search and screening of candidates. A Regents’ Special Committee will also be formed and comprised of Board of Regents members. At the conclusion of the campus committee’s work, the campus committee will forward for consideration to the Regents’ Special Committee the credentials of three to five unranked candidates.