Public Records: Marriages and Divorces

Published 3:13 pm Thursday, March 16, 2017

The following marriages were recently recorded at the Sumter County Courthouse:

Joe Wayne English and Terri Lynn Keadle on Dec. 9.
Ronald Mark Perry and Cheryl P. Lucas on Dec. 10.
Robert Garrett Downs and Caitlin Sanders Reid on Dec. 10.
Miranda Kathryn Uber and Barbara Lynn Stripling on Dec. 7.
Solomon Holt, Sr. and Jeanette Holt on Dec. 15.
Virgil M. Nichols and Nadezhda Riabova on Dec. 21.
Hal Ansel Hines and Pamela J. Farr on Dec. 21.
John Alan Minor and Lauren Elizabeth Dudley on Dec. 16.
Juan Zepeda Farias and Nara Yulet Lopez on Dec. 17.
Walter Franklin Joiner, Jr. and Christine Marie Joiner on Dec. 31.
Larry Donnell Battle and Ladaisy Ham on Jan. 4.
Stephen Mitchell Hilliard and April Lynn Zimmerman on Dec. 17.
John Oscar Evans and Ansley Dawn Ragan on Jan. 7.
Anthony Hoangtien Dao and Phuong Ngoc Lan Vu on Jan. 3.
David Dewayne Grace and Patience Austina Bailey on Jan. 7.
Eugene Thomas Dennard and Dora M. Griffin on Jan. 13.
William Randall Jacobs and Sherri Michelle Hill on Jan. 13.
Johnny Lushun Cox and Angelia Denise Lusane on Jan. 13.
James Cody Miller and Arry K. Hester McNiel on Jan. 21.
Donald Phillip Tanner and Stephanie Nicole Miller on Feb. 10.
Samuel Valenzuela Lara and Blanca Anel Martinez on Feb. 10.
Terrance Sante Solomon and Dionna Chantel Parks on Feb. 14.
Marc Anthony Waters and Regina McCluster on Feb. 20.
Henry Allen Alewine and Melissa Ann Martin on Feb. 16.
Jonathan Jamell Wallace and Jabria Nicole Brown on Feb. 18.
Chandler George Blount and Elizabeth Maree Foxworth on Feb. 11.
Wiley Edward Jones and Jennifer Nicole Mcafee on Feb. 28.
Travion Quintrel Welborn and Jocelyn D’jamin Greene on Feb. 10.
Jonathan Lee Morrow and Megan Elizabeth Carmichael on Feb. 25.
Tomo Umer and Katherine Claire Alexander on Feb. 11.

The following divorce proceedings were recently recorded at the Sumter County Courthouse:

Tamika N. Barthell filed for divorce against Samuel Barthell, Jr.
Erica Owens filed for divorce pro se with Sellars Owens.
Tina L. Hawthorne filed for divorce pro se with Brandon M. Hawthorne.
Angela Marie Tyson filed for divorce against Wilbon Lorenza Tyson, Jr.
Linda Ladson filed for divorce pro se with Hezekiah Ladson.
Bobby Duke, Jr. filed for divorce against Kimberly S. Duke.
Michael W. Shattles filed for divorce against Dawn Shattles.
Valerie Wilson filed for divorce against Mike Wilson.
Thomas Larry Stewart filed for divorce against Kandice Buchanan Stewart.
Angela Robinson Floyd filed for divorce against Carlos Floyd.
Pamela Proctor filed for divorce pro se with Billie Holland.
Payton Crawford filed for divorce against Shannon Marie Crawford.
Terri Lynn Ramirez filed for divorce against Mikey Mory Ramirez-Alvarado.
Randi Dowdey filed for divorce against Jonathan Dowdey.
Arthur Jamal Baisden filed for divorce against Dora Bell Baisden.
Tracy Michelle Frazier filed for divorce against Jason Frazier.
Farla Washington filed for divorce against Terrance Washington.