Our opinion: We will not forget

Published 10:27 am Friday, December 8, 2017

Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of the tragic deaths of two of our local law enforcement officers: Nick Smarr and Jody Smith.
Throughout the pain and sorrow of  loss, we have never failed to remember the families of these two young men, nor have we forgotten the family of the other young man who took their lives.
Out of bad must come good, if only we allow our hearts to feel love for our fellow man. The outpouring of support for all three families in the days after the horrible event showed what this community is really made of. Coming together to show support for all law enforcement officers helped that brotherhood to heal from their loss, as well as the families of the fallen officers. The willingness to reach out to the shooter’s family showed a love above self, a lesson that God wants us to never forget.
While we mourn the officers today, and continue prayers for their families, let us also remember that another family was forever altered that day a year ago as well.
Out of bad must come good. Let us try to love one another during this Christmas season, and always.